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Freebies: Level Rewards


DiamondDaily LoginClearance Reward
Login RewardMaterial StageLevel Rewards

10.6 Level Rewards

While you’re rocketing in your Summoner Level, have you noticed that specific rewards are given when you reach certain level?

When you reach Level 10, you’ll receive:

  • Dragon Crafts
  • 10 free monsters in total from the following monster series (LV Max; Skill LV 7)
  • Inventory Slots
  • Personal Record Background

When you reach Level 20, you’ll receive:

  • A random monster from Protagonists ( 001i005i009i013i017i)

When you reach Level 40, you’ll receive:

  • A random monster from Defensive Dragons (041i044i047i050i053i)

When you reach Level 60, you’ll receive:

  • Prime Millennium Shadow Soulstone x1 291i

When you reach Level 80, you’ll receive:

  • Harpy 292i

When you reach Level 100, you’ll receive:

  • SingleDiamondx5

When you reach Level 150, you’ll receive:

  • SingleDiamondx10
  • An ALL MAX Virtual Rebirth Greek God selection (1356i1358i1360i1362i1364i)

During your level-up journey, you’ll get a load of rewards that help you become a stronger Summoner, especially the Level 150 Reward! The ALL MAX Virtual Rebirth Greek God is a very useful leader card, which can help you to clear the main chapters all the way to 9th Seal. So keep up your effort and strive to become marvelous!