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Bahamut ACG Award “Your ALL MAX”


Bahamut ACG Award “Your ALL MAX”
To express our gratitude towards your long-lasting support, you can obtain 1 monster that you never owned by logging in on or after 4 May (Mon)!

By selecting a race and an attribute, the system will filter out the monsters that you’ve previously owned. 5 random monsters will be available to get based on the selected race and attribute. The chosen monster monster must be Level-max, Skill Level-max and Amelioration max (if applicable)!

* The obtaining deadline for “Your ALL MAX” is 2 Aug; The redemption deadline is 30 Aug.

Note 1: Independent seal monsters are included in the event card pool (except crossover characters)

Note 2: Diamond Seal monsters are included in the event card pool (except Black-gold monsters and Collector Deck-only monsters)

Note 3: Only the monsters of the highest evolving form are included in the event card pool

Note 4: If the non-duplicate monsters are less than 5, the system will fill the spots with random monsters of selected race and attribute (including monsters that is previously owned)

Note 5: For the Virtual Rebirth monsters, the card will not be included in the event card pool if Summoner has previously obtained the Refined form, the Diverged form or the same monster of a lower evolving form.

Card pool includes:

【Obtain in Supreme Reckoning form】
Norse Gods, Chinese Gods

【Obtain in Virtual Rebirth form】
Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods, Crimson Grace, Major Gods of Babylon

【Obtain in Power Release form】
The Witches
Twelve Zodiacs
Servant of Dragons
Investiture of the Gods
Hyakki Yagyō – Curse
Dragons from Sepulchre
Toy Pixies
Fairytales Untold
Keepers of Worlds
Valkyries of Divine Wine
Druids of Nature
Descendants of the North
Origin of Demons
Primal Greek Gods
Companions of Mystical Beasts
Revolutionary Heroes
The Fallen Halos
└Imperial Warlords – Power Released characters:
– “Valorous Legend – Guan Yu”, “Fate of Revolution – Liu Bei”, “Sentinel Maze – Zhuge Liang”
– “Upstanding Retributor – Lu Xun”, “Archer of Honor – Huang Zhong”, “Noble Prodigal – Yuan Shao”, “Belligerent Mania – Lü Bu”
– “Destined Tragedy – Cai Wenji”, “Tyranny of Dominance – Cao Cao”, “Radical Strategist – Sima Yi”, “Devil Eye Seal – Xiahou Dun”

【Obtain in Evolved form】
Immortal Heroes
Cyborg Scholars
Cyborg Scholars (Machina)
Imperial Warlords
Sengoku Samurai
Knights of the Round Table
Star Burst Pulses
Elfish Perennials
Prologue of the Universe
Imperial Warlords II
Hindu Gods
The Master Cathieves
Gifted Scientists
Unearthly Charms

【Obtain in Basic form】
Minds of the Fray
6* Sindhu
The Eight Xian
Mechanical Life
Primal Deities
Olden Trio
“Fallen Massacre – Behemoth”
“Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut”
“Solemn Commitment – Sobek”
“Twisted Obsession – Khepri”
“Honourable Dedication – Serket”

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