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Tower of Saviors “Greek Gods” Supreme Reckoning! “Yamato” Amelioration Available!


Tower of Saviors

“Greek Gods” Supreme Reckoning!

Yamato” Amelioration Available!




In version 19.2 “Divine Justice on Theogony” to be released next mon, Greek Gods will gain the new power of “Supreme Reckoning”. Also, “Yamato” series will be available for Amelioration.


  •  Greek Gods Supreme Reckoning





After “Norse Gods” and “Chinese Gods”, “Greek Gods” will be available for Supreme Reckoning in version 19.2 with whole new forms. Summoner can use 3 “Shedu” and 2 “Giallar the Hornist” to make “Refined” & “Diverged” “Greek Gods” into new forms of “Supreme Reckoning”.





  •   Leader Skills of “SR Greek Gods”  ── HP, Attack & Recovery UP; Generate Enchanted, God Runestones of Monster’s Attribute





After Supreme Reckoning, the leader skills of “Greek Gods” will be buffed with enhanced basic stats; Enchanted Runestones and God Runestones of Monster’s Attribute will be generated based on dissolving specific Runestones in the first batch cumulatively.


  •   Team Skills of “SR Greek Gods”











  •  Dual Skills ── Supreme Trace of Notion” and “Divine Runestones”





“SR Greek Gods” have dual skills “Supreme Trace of Notion” and “Divine Runestones”. 

Take “SR Artemis” as an example. She can activate “Supreme Trace of Notion – Dark” upon 6 CD:

I. Dark Attack continues to increase and Dark Damage on Light enemies x 1.5 additionally until no groups of ≥5 Dark Runestones are dissolved.

II. For every 15 Dark Runestones dissolved, Dark Attack further increases.

III. When the Attack multiplier reaches the maximum, turn Dark Runestones into Enchanted God Runestones.

The Attack multiplier resets every Wave.


 “SR Artemis” can activate “Divine Runestones – Triple Gloom” upon 6 CD:


For 3 Rounds:

  1. Turn 5 Light Runestones into Enchanted Dark God Runestones upon Skill activation and at the end of each Round.
  2. For every Dark God Runestone dissolved, recover HP as much as 5% of Team HP.


  •  “Yamato” Amelioration!





Upon version 19.2, “Yamato” will be available for Amelioration.



  • Collector’s Deck” ── Torch of Gods





To welcome SR Greek Gods and Yamato Amelioration, “Greek Gods” Collector Deck Seal Draw will be released from 20 Jul (Mon) – 2 Aug (Sun). The deck includes “Yamato” characters and very rare VR “Greek Gods”. “Greek Gods” drawn from the Collector Deck will be All Max! Besides, when you complete 18 draws each time, “Harpy Knight – Madhead” x1 will be rewarded!


  • New Character in Arena “Auxo the Goddess of Fertility”





Upon version 19.2, “Auxo the Goddess of Fertility” can be redeemed with Prize Points in Arena. Earth God “Auxo” can activate “Inspiration for Humans and Gods” upon 5 CD:


This Skill can be activated only when Human and God are in the Team:

I. Attack of the Monster and neighboring Human & God x 3.

II. When there is another additional effect in play, extend Runestone-moving time by 3 seconds until not ≥6 Earth Runestones are dissolved.







Upon version update, you can redeem “Gang Boss – Sun Wukong” outfit with Prize Points in Arena.


  • Bonus Stage ── TOS Thankful Fest





From 21 Jul (Tue) – 25 Jul (Sat), bonus stages of “TOS Thankful Fest” will be launched in the Lost Relic. There will be skill level-up materials, souls or level-up materials waiting for you. Each stage consumes 30 Stamina and 15,000 EXP will be granted after completion.


  •   Frutties —— “Tiny Brilliance – Blueberry”





The 5th character of “Frutties” – “Tiny Brilliance – Blueberry” will show up next mon. Water Elf “Tiny Brilliance – Blueberry: can activate “Juicy Sweetie – Water” upon 6 CD:


Turn Water Runestones into Elf Runestones.  For 1 Round, Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of Water Runestones; if Runestones of 5 Attributes are dissolved in the same Round in the first batch, the Monster’s current Skill CD -2.





Just like the others of “Frutties”, when the Team consists of only Elves, with 1 or more Monsters of “Frutties” as a Team Member, Recovery of all Members will synchronize with that of the Member that has the highest Recovery (basic value increments after entering a Stage are not counted).