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“A Long Slumber” Celebration Event

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds
Time: 14 Sep (Mon) – 18 Sep (Fri)
1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in everyday to get a total of 5 Diamonds!

★ 2nd Event: New Challenge Mission “Dreamland of Desire”
Time: 14 Sep (Mon) 16:00 – 25 Oct (Sun) 23:59
Can you manage to escape from the nightmares? During the event period, you’ll obtain the following rewards by passing specific floors for the 1st time!

Floor clearance rewards for the 1st time:
“Timeless Sweet Dream” 10th Floor – “Phantom Pride – Ishtar” Animated Outfit
“Timeless Sweet Dream” 20th Floor – Black Key x 60
“Timeless Sweet Dream” 30th Floor – “Yummy Alpacas” x 1 set & Neon Crow x1
“Timeless Sweet Dream” 40th Floor – Harpy x 1 & Quintet Madheads x1

1. Revival using Diamonds will not be available for this Stage
2. Summoners can challenge the Stage 10 times daily during the event period.
3. Summoners must reach certain floors to obtain corresponding rewards. (Only counted after the Battle Results appear)
4. There is a round limit in this stage.
5. When you complete all the stages for the 1st time, “Haunted Dreamland – Hypnos” (Skill Lv. 10) x1 and animated outfit will be rewarded!
6. Each time you pass the 20th and 40th floor, “Haunted Dreamland – Hypnos” x1 will be dropped.


★ 3rd Event: Returning Ultimate Stage “Flow of Chakras” and “Dust of the Fallen Stars”
Time: 18 Sep (Fri) 22:00 – 21 Sep (Mon) 23:59

Available Stages:
“Flow of Chakras”
“Dust of the Fallen Stars”

* Challenge the 3-star achievement of “Flow of Chakras” to get the rare Compulsion Reward
* Challenge the 3-star achievement of “Dust of the Fallen Stars” to get 500 Souls
* Complete “Flow of Chakras” 3 times to get the animated outfit of “Chakra Epiphany – Indra”
* Complete “Dust of the Fallen Stars” 3 times to get “Significance of Life – Orion” (Skill Lv. 7) x1

★ 4th Event: Source of Victory
Time: 19 Sep (Sat) – 20 Sep (Sun)
Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x1! (The Stamina Refill must be used within the event period)

* Important:
Login on 19 Sep (Sat) – 20 Sep (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Community” → “Rewards”
The Stamina Refill must be used within Time: 19 Sep (Sat) – 20 Sep (Sun)

★ 5th Event: Diamond Seal Event “Kojiki”
Time: 14 Sep (Mon) – 4 Oct (Sun)
Diamond Seal “Kojiki” has just returned! During the event period it is easier to obtain the rare characters! Don’t miss the opportunity!

“Yamato” Series includes
5★ Susanoo
5★ Kagutsuchi
5★ Inari
5★ Kushinada
5★ Izanami
5★ Amaterasu
5★ Izanagi
5★ Tsukuyomi

1. You’re guaranteed to get 5* “Amaterasu” for each 35 draws in “Kojiki”.
2. Reward for Accumulative Draws available: “Glorystone” will be rewarded at the first 35th draw.
3. Players can exchange for another rare character (e.g. “Tsukuyomi”) with the new material “Glorystone” together with the rare character you’ve drawn (e.g. “Izanagi”), or vice versa (e.g. “Tsukuyomi” + “Glorystone” -> “Izanagi”). Each character can only be redeemed once.
4. “Yamato” series will be available for Power Release batch by batch. The first batch “Susanoo”, “Izanami”, “Izanagi” and “Tsukuyomi” will be available for Power Release at 12:00, 14 Sep; the second batch “Kagutsuchi”, “Inari”, “Kushinada” and “Amaterasu” will be available at 12:00, 28 Sep.

★ Extra Event: TOS Fest Limited “7 Shinto Free Draws”
Time: 14 Sep (Mon) – 4 Oct (Sun)
During the event period, a free draw chance of “Kojiki” will be given upon login every day, 7 free draws for 7 days in total.

* After the first 7 days, when you login between 21 Sep (Mon) and the deadline, you can have 7 draw chances at a time.

★ 6th Event: New Biweekly Series “Oh My Youkai”
In this small oriental nation, you’ll find the finest hot spring villa!

Leading Debut: “Rolling Mustache”
Time: 14 Sep (Mon) – 27 Sep (Sun)

1. The Elite Stage is available with guaranteed drop of the Boss and “Luminfly” after Summoner clears the Stage.
2. The Elite Stage will be available for Summoner who has cleared Extra Stage and obtained the Monster of the Stage.
3. There will be no achievements and ranking for Elite Stage.
4. “Specific Clear Times” is available. Clear the Floor for specific times to obtain bonus rewards.

★ 7th Event: Returning Challenge Mission “Float with Clouds”
Time: 14 Sep (Mon) – 4 Oct (Sun)
Gods are back! When Summoners clear the upgraded old transmigration stage, another advanced stage will be available for challenge! During the event period, obtain the following rewards by passing specific floors for the 1st time.

“First Peek of Unknown”
Passing 9th Battle: Sage Alpaca x2
Passing 18th Battle: “Harpy” x1 & “Madhead” x1

“Into the Hall of Fame”
Passing 3rd floor: Prime Millennium Pyro Soulstone x5
Passing 6th floor: “Stunning Gorgeous – Sakura” Outfit
Passing 9th Battle: Black Keys x30
Passing 12th Battle: “Gladiator Alpaca” x3
Passing 15th Battle: Souls x500
Passing 18th Battle: Harpy x1

1. Summoners cannot revive in battle.
2. Summoners can challenge the stage 10 times everyday.
3. Summoners must clear specific Battles and enter the Battle Result during the event period in order to receive the Clear Rewards.
4. Clear “First Peek of Unknown” to unlock “Into the Hall of Fame”.

★ 8th Event: Special Event “Invincible in Battle”
Time: 14 Sep (Mon) – 4 Oct (Sun)
Lack of Skill Level-up materials? Farm them in the following stages!

Stage and available materials:
“Table-turning Strategy” Imperial Soldiers series
“Skillful Exorcism” Hyakki Yagyō – Jinx series
“Heroic Conduct” Nameless Soldiers series

★ 9th Event: Void of the Realm Stamina Discount
Time: 14 Sep (Mon) – 27 Sep (Sun)
During the event period, the required Stamina of all stages will be reduced by HALF!