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Demon Black-Gold “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace”!

Demon Black-Gold “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace”!

“Demon Savants” into the Seal!

“Homicidal Cannibal – Wendigo” Joint Operation!


New limited Black-Gold “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” will come to the realm next Tue! “Demon Savants” will be added into “Golden Kiss” Seal. Also, “Homicidal Cannibal – Wendigo” will set up the Joint Operation “Cursed Predator”!

● Limited Demon Black Gold ── “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace”


Period of “Golden Kiss”: 22 Sep (Tue) 16:00 – 1 Oct (Thurs) 23:59

Ancient Demon “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” will descend to the realm at 16:00, 22 Sep (Tue). “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” is a rare 7* character. During the event period of “Being of Nothingness”, you may get “Laplace” by drawing cards in “Golden Kiss” Card Seal. In the meantime, “Demon Savants” will be added into the  “Golden Kiss” Card Seal! Nevertheless, you will receive 1 or more “Demon Savants” and a random Power Release Material for every 10-draw you have made!


 10 Free Draws During Black-Gold Event

To celebrate the dawn of “Laplace”, from 16:00, 22 Sep (Tue) to 1 Oct (Thurs), you can receive a free draw chance every day.  If you are lucky enough, you may get “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” or “Demon Savants”!

●  “Ancient Coin Seal” Opens


During the event period of “Being of Nothingness”, “Ancient Coin Seal” will be opened simultaneously for 10 days with “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” and the rare characters of “Creeds of Earthlings” in the card pool.

● Leader Skill of “Laplace” – Palm of Cosmos


“Laplace” has the leader skill “Palm of Cosmos”:

I. Demon Attack x 7 & HP x 1.4.

II. Only the first batch of Runestones can be dissolved.

III. Runestones can be dissolved by grouping 3 or more of them.

IV. Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 3 seconds.

V. By dissolving ≥15 Runestones in the first batch,

⓵ Demon Attack x 1.5 additionally.

⓶ Demon’s Damage will be dealt regardless of Puzzle Shield.

●  Team Skill of “Laplace” ── “True Form” & “Phantom Form”


“Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” has two forms: “True” and “Phantom”. You can use these two forms to deal with different situations. 

“Phantom” Form: Monster’s Attack -50%; Dodge the 1st attack of the 1st attacking enemy for 1 Round.

“True” Form” Increase combo counts with boosted attack (* some effects need to have dual leaders as a requirement)

When using “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” as Leader & Ally, all Runestones also possess the effect of other Runestones. If ≤3 types of Runestones are dissolved in the first batch, Damage received -80%. If all Runestones are dissolved in the first batch, Team Attack x 2 additionally.

 The first batch of Runestones to be dropped will be Enchanted Demon Runestones of 5 Attributes (6 for each).


Besides, when there are “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” and “Helix of Contradictory – Vorvadoss” in the Team, “Helix of Contradictory – Vorvadoss” Active Skill CD -2.


● Dual Skills – “Phantom of Demon” and “Truth of Demon”


“Laplace” can adjust his “Phantom” or “True” form through active skills. 

For the skill “Phantom of Demon”:

I. Fully recover HP.

II. Turn all “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” into “Phantom” form.

For the skill “Truth of Demon”:

I. By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements twice:

⓵ Remove the Runestones tapped for the first time.

⓶ Generate the Runestones tapped for the second time.

II. Turn all Runestones into Enchanted Demon Runestones.

For 1 Round,

III. Unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving.

IV. Demons launch an extra attack.

V. Demons disregard Trio Elemental Shield and Quintet Elemental Shield.

VI. Turn all “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” into “True” form.


●  “Demon Savants” Release!

*“Demon Savants” series will be added into “Seal of the Engraver – Part 1” and “Seal of the Carver – Part 2” upon v19.4 update


“Demon Savants” have the leader skill “Demonic Magic”:

When the Team consists of only Demons, Demon Attack x 4 & HP x 1.5; 

when Team HP is full, Team Attack x 1.5 additionally; recover 1500 HP for each Demon Runestone dissolved.


When the Leader and Ally are Monsters of “Demon Savants”, Enchanted Demon Runestones of Leader’s Attribute will be turned and the moving time will be extended regardlessly.


● Skills of “Demon Savants”

Now we will show you the skills of “Demon Savants” series in the below.






●   Diamond Purchase Bonus


From 22 Sep (Tue) – 1 Oct (Thurs), when you purchase 30 or more Diamonds in a single transaction, 30 free Diamonds and Quintet Madheads will be rewarded.

● New Joint Operation: Cursed Predator

Complete the Joint Operation 15 Times to get “Saint” animated outfit!


“Homicidal Cannibal – Wendigo” will set up the Joint Operation “Cursed Predator” waiting for Summoners to challenge. Beware of its cannibalism.

●  Active Skill of “Wendigo” ── Ice Cannibalism


Wendigo can activate “Ice Cannibalism” upon CD 7:

I. Freeze all enemies for 2 Rounds.

For 1 Round,

II. The 10 Runestones to be dropped in the first batch will be Water Demon Runestones.