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“Ancient Wars” are Back!Let’s Defeat the World Boss “Tawil” Together!Ultimate Stage “Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi”!

“Ancient Wars” are Back!

Let’s Defeat the World Boss “Tawil” Together!

Ultimate Stage “Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi”!

Next week, brace yourself for the upcoming huge event “Ancient Wars”. “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil” becomes the World Boss to test every Summoner’s strength with the emergency battle!

● “Ancient Wars” ── The Genesis of a Miracle

“Lumière under the Veil – Tawil”, the original principal of Charlouette the Magic Agency, will set up the stage “The Genesis of a Miracle” to bring you a tough trial in Ancient Wars. This event will be released at noon, 30 Nov (Mon).

● Prepare Actively for the War

The “Ancient Wars” can be divided into two phases, namely the Preparation Phase and the Battle Phase. The former allows summoners to get ready for the coming battles, such as enlisting, upgrading the settings and collecting spirits. The latter enables summoners to participate in “Defense” and “Attack” battles to win Merits for rewards redemption. 

Preparation Phase30 Nov (Mon) 12:00 ~ 2 Dec (Wed) 11:59
Battle Phase2 Dec (Wed) 12:00 ~ 6 Dec (Sun) 23:59

●  Ancient Wars Adjustments

Having been through the first “Ancient Wars” event, we’ve learnt some valuable experience from it. Therefore, there will be 3 major adjustments to Ancient Wars this time: 

Strengthen enlisted guild upgrades; Add the “Truce” session; Increase defense efficiency.

* For details please refer to the weekly event announcement to be released in the week

Strengthen enlisted guild upgrades: After the battle of the previous Ancient Wars, we’ll improve the defense aspect. The Guild President can consume Golds to upgrade the defense settings. When it is increased to level 2, the guild durability can be increased to a maximum of 9 times. In addition, the Guild President can also consume Golds to increase the number of attacking pawns per hour and increase the Merits gained in attacking battle. When it reaches level 3, the incoming pawns will increase to 4 times and the merits gained to 1.7 times. The Guild President must measure the combat power and offensive and defensive collocation of the members of the guild, and then decide whether to upgrade the “Strike Boost” setting.

Add the “Truce” session: In order for the Summoners to perform better, “Tawil” will give you time to rest. During the battle phase from 00:00 to 05:59 every morning, “Tawil” will suspend sending pawns to attack.

Increase defense efficiency: This time we will step up the defense efficiency. You can consume 2 Spirits to enter the defense battle, and the merits and the no. of pawns to be defeated will be increased accordingly when compared to spending 1 Spirit.

  How to Get “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil”

* You can even redeem “Tawil” animated outfit with Merits! Let’s fight hard!!

When the total HP of “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil” becomes 0, each time you complete the “Attack” battle, you can get “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil” x1 (no card drop when the total HP of the World Boss is ≥1). Also you can redeem the character with “Merits” earned in the Ancient Wars.

When the battle phase ends, corresponding rewards will be given to all summoners according to the progress of the “Ancient Wars”. For those who can successfully protect their guilds, Black Key x 150 will be granted.

●  “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil” ──  Arts of Defrosting

Dark God “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil” can activate “Arts of Defrosting” upon 7 CD:

I. Explode all Frozen Runestones.

II. Turn 15 Runestones at fixed positions into Enchanted Dark Runestones.

III. For every group of Dark Runestones dissolved in the first batch,

⇒ Ex. Combo +1,

⇒ to the max +15.

【Arts of Defrosting】

●  Team Skill of “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil”

When there are ≥3 Monsters of “Charlouette the Magic Agency“; and “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil“ in the Team, Skill CD of “Lumière under the Veil – Tawil“ -2.

● Ultimate Stage ── “An Affectionate Hug”

“Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi” will set up the ultimate stage “An Affectionate Hug” at 10pm, 4 Dec (Fri)! Feel her love of hugs to make you suffocate!

●   “Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi” ── Heidi’s Punch

“Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi” can activate “Heidi’s Punch” upon 7 CD:

By tapping a type of Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements:

For 3 Rounds,

I. Turn this type of Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Earth Runestones.

II. The Monster’s Attack x 4.

● Team Skill of “Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi”

When the Leader is “Enoch” or Monsters of “Charlouette the Magic Agency“; and there is “Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi” in the Team, Skill CD of “Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi“ -2.

● Next Week Preview