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Ultimate Stage “Vile” Coming Soon!“Black Zero” to Set Up the Challenge “Unleash the Inner Power”!

Ultimate Stage “Vile” Coming Soon!

“Black Zero” to Set Up the Challenge “Unleash the Inner Power”!

Tower of Saviors will bring you an ultimate stage “Brutal Armor Giant” featuring the crossover character “Vile” next week! Besides, “Black Zero” will also set up the challenge “Unleash the Inner Power”!

●  Ultimate Stage “Brutal Armor Giant”

Possessing an amazing power, “Vile” will come to the realm at 10pm, 13 Jan (Wed) in the ultimate stage “Brutal Armor Giant”. “Vile” is going to release his desire for destruction to pout Summoners into a tough battle.

● Vile —— “Lock-on Strike”

Dark Machina “Vile” can activate “Lock-on Strike” to turn 1 type of Runestones that are the most in number into Machina Runestones; for 1 Round, for every Machina Runestone dissolved, “Vile” and “Vile MKII” launch an extra attack, to the max 10 extra attacks. Also “Vile” and “Vile MKII” Damage dealt on electrified enemies x 2.5 additionally.

● Vile —— Team Skill

When “Vile” or “Vile MKII” is put into Machina’s leader team, CD reduction will be granted in the Team Skill. For every “Vile” or “Vile MKII” present in the Team, Skill CD of “Vile” or “Vile MKII” -1, to the max -6. Therefore, “Vile” can activate his skill “Lock-on Strike” fast in the battle.

● Challenge Event “Unleash the Inner Power”

Dark Machina “Black Zero” will dive into the realm on 11 Jan to set up the challenge mission “Unleash the Inner Power” for you all. When you complete “Fake Copy Lv 1-5” for the first time, “Eidolon of Machinas”, “Harpy” and “Neon Crow” will be rewarded. Each time you complete the stage “Fake Copy Lv 1”, “Black Zero” x1 will be rewarded!

●  “Black Zero” Dual Skills —— “Raikousen” & “C-Flasher”

“Black Zero” has powerful dual skills that you can activate in the battle in order to help you cope with different situations.

“Raikousen” can increase the Character’s Attack for 1 Round and electrify enemies when attacking to make the affected enemies become inactivated for 1 Round.

As for “C-Flasher”, explode the bottom 2 rows to generate Light or Dark Runestones and to deal 200,000 non-Attributive Damage to all enemies. For 1 Round, Single Attack becomes Full Attack. The Character’s Damage will be dealt regardless of enemies’ Defense.

● The Polar Units —— Magma Dragoon Debut

“Magma Dragoon”, another character of “The Polar Units”, will be coming into the bi-weekly stage also next Mon! “Magma Dragoon” can activate “Flurry of Flame” to turn the top row into Fire Runestones. For 1 Round, Frozen Runestones can be dissolved; The Character’s Attack x 4 and the Character’s Damage will be dealt regardless of enemies’ Defense.

**All relevant events & rewards of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.