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Letter to Summoners (Dec 2020)

Previous Letter to Summoners (Sep 2020)

Dear Summoners,

“Letter to Summoners” has been carried out for a year. Affected by the coronavirus this year, the whole world is doing their best to alleviate the situation. Do keep warm while preventing the epidemic. In the past year, because of the epidemic, there was no chance to meet with you, and even the exchange meeting of players’ feedback was moved to the online platform. Now let some of the engineers, together with the interns of the Tower of Saviors, Kiki and Ada, take this opportunity to say hello to everyone, and hope to have the chance to meet with you next year.

Many Summoners are very interested in the criteria of crossover we are choosing, and we have all heard the wishes of the crossover you proposed. When selecting a crossover, we will consider the popularity, quality and cooperation cost of the works. In addition, as a Hong Kong based company, it is not an easy task to solicit a non-local crossover, and the content that each copyright owner is willing to authorize varies, so the choice of crossover characters, stage plots, original BGM, and CVs will also be subject to different restrictions. Although we have not been able to disclose the future crossovers, we promise to work hard to select high-quality partners for the Tower of Saviors.

During the crossover with EVA, we have made a lot of details such as the main map, the stage interface and the battery display, etc., trying to recreate the atmosphere and plot of the work as much as possible. We hope everyone can feel the charm of this crossover.

In addition, the 11th Seal has been released in v19.5. The 11th Seal is the project that our team has been preparing for the whole year. The story branching system was added to the stages for the first time. We hope everyone can choose their own story lines and encounter different events. The familiar Sealed Lords will have a seat in the main line of the 11th Seal stories, and they will also appear in the future stages with a new look!

From Sep 2020 to now, we’ve made the following adjustments:

Completed Tasks

1. Ancient Wars

– The brand new event released during the “EVA” crossover

– Adjustments will be made after listening to different players’ feedback

2. Animated Enemies

– More enemies with animated outfits and animations are added in the stages

3. Change Team Setup in Battle Preparation

– Able to change the team setup by clicking the character’s icon in Battle Preparation

4. Server Upgrade

– Connecting time has been reduced significantly

Ongoing Tasks

1. In-game UI Remake

Flattened, simplistic style will be fine-tuned in the future or existing UI 

Completed Tasks

(1.1) Ancient Wars

Ancient Wars is very well received when we rolled out the event during the crossover with EVA. Your feedback on the event is heard and we will make the corresponding adjustments, eg. In the specific timeframe before Ancient Wars start, the personal guild missions will be chanted to “Selfless Devotion” – to devote your Golds in order to solve insufficient Golds situation; enemies will halt attacking midnight, etc. We hope to bring a better experience for all players next time.

(1.2) Animated Enemies

If there is a Summoner who fought the Ancient Wars, it should have been discovered that the enemies in the stage are animated. From now on, more enemies will be shown in dynamic shapes, and there will even be more animations in the upcoming stages, so stay tuned.

(1.3) Change Team Setup in Battle Preparation

Summoners can click on the character’s icons in the Battle Preparation before entering the battle, and then directly enter the page to change your team setup, without going to the Team Edit to change before returning to the Battle Preparation screen. In order to add this feature, engineers need extra time to change the process of entering the battle, solve various problems one by one, and repeatedly test, and finally successfully launch this feature.

(1.4) Server Upgrade

Server was upgraded on 28 Sep 2020. As you can see from the figure below, the connection time has dropped significantly. The speed of player login and stage clearance has also been improved.

Average Time Required for Connecting to Server (All)

 X axis:  Date   Y axis: Millisecond                       


X axis:  Date   Y axis: Millisecond        

Stage Clearance

 X axis:  Date   Y axis: Millisecond        

Ongoing Tasks

(2.1) In-game UI Remake

In order to provide players with a better experience, we started in early March and reworked part of the game interface with a new architecture to improve the quality of the game. Such as card information, brand-new chat room, Ancient Wars, etc. 

In terms of design style, future or existing game interfaces will be fine-tuned to a more flattened and simplistic style. In the process, it is inevitable that there will be a small number of new and old changes, and some inconsistencies. Please bear with us. The game interface like the following was adopted the new style:

3. Game Data

(3.1) Hours of Issues

The following is issues that players were unable to login in the versions: 

VersionHours of Issues
19.32020-09-18 16:45 – 16:50 (5 mins)2020-09-21 05:08 – 05:42 (34 mins)2020-10-06 02:00 – 02:15 (15 mins)2020-10-11 16:50 – 16:52 (2 mins)
19.42020-10-15 05:05 – 05:18 (13 mins)2020-10-15 07:05 – 07:09 (4 mins)

v19.3 Issues (7 Sep – 11 Oct 2020)

  • 2020-09-18 (16:45 – 16:50) cache server abnormal issue that led players unable to login
  • 2020-09-21 (05:08 – 05:42) database issue that led players unable to login
  • 2020-10-06 (02:00 – 02:15) database hardware issue that led players unable to login
  • 2020-10-11 (16:50 – 16:52)  cache server abnormal issue that led players unable to login (#6)

v19.4 Issues (12 Oct – 22 Nov 2020)

  • 2020-10-15 (05:05 – 05:18, 07:05 – 07:09) database backup issue issue that led players unable to login

(3.2) Number of Known & Fixed Issues

Known Issues and Fixed Issues Statistic

X-axis: Version  Y-axis: Number  Left Bar: Known Issues   Right Bar: Fixed Issues

Highlights on Fixed Issues:

VersionHighlights on Fixed Issues
19.3Snow Miku’s Ex Combo multiplier effect is not workingPlayers cannot proceed to next Round when encountering some enemiesIn personal missions, the display of Black Key/Ancient Coin/Friend Point has an error
19.4Meliodas’ Team Skill has a wrong extra effect that Heart Runestones also possess the effect of Dark RunestonesThe title display shows some unclaimed titlesLaplace’s team skill has a wrong setting that 3 types of Runestones are required to dissolve in order to trigger the effect. The correct setting should be 3 types or below.
19.5When using the 2nd skill of “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02 (Rebuild) Beast Mode 4th Phase”, it may lead to death immediatelyThe 1st active skill of “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02 (Rebuild) Combat Mode” doesn’t refresh A.T FieldGame crash after purchasing story mode items

Highlights on Known Issues:

VersionHighlights on Known Issues
19.3Meliodas’ Team Skill has a wrong extra effect that Heart Runestones also possess the effect of Dark RunestonesThe title display shows some unclaimed titlesThe sticky display of some enemies disappears
19.4Some characters cannot perform Virtual RebirthThe No.1 craft icon and description in the inventory will become other craftsWhen using “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” as Leader & Ally, the settlement time of completion is longer than usual
19.5Skills related to attack multiplier accumulation when spinning will lead to game crash after skill activationWhen using Sima Yi, Huang Zhong, Yuan Shao, Liu Bei, Meng Huo, Zhang Fei, Cai Wenji as Leader/Ally, it will lead to game crash after entering a stageSome leader skills related to increasing the basic value will lead to game crash after entering a stage