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2021 TOS Fest is around the corner! Deck Coming Soon! ready for Summer with TOS characters in swimming suits!

2021 TOS Fest is around the corner!
“Full of the Joys of Youth” Collector’s Deck Coming Soon!
Get ready for Summer with TOS characters in swimming suits!

2021 TOS Fest, the great celebration event of TOS, is coming next week. “TOS Fest (Part 1)” will last for 4 weeks with tons of goodies and special offers coming up. In addition, 5 “Heat Hits” characters will be included in the “Full of the Joys of Youth”-Collector’s Deck to kick-start the celebration! 

  • TOS Fest presents “A Hundred Draws”

Throughout the whole TOS Fest event period (from 19 Jul to 12 Sep),100 free Diamond Seal Draws will be given. Summoners can grasp the chance and get characters from the independent Seal (non-crossover), Seal of the Engraver, and Seal of the Carver! “A Hundred Draws” will be distributed in 2 installments: the first one will start on 19 Jul (Mon) noon, while the second one will start on 3 Aug (Tue) noon. Summoners can get a total of 100 free draws simply by logging in on/after the mentioned dates!

  • “A Draw for A New Era”

Time: 4 Aug (Wed) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun)

*Further details will be announced later.

Besides “A Hundred Draws”, there will be another event, “A Draw for a New Era”.  Eligible Summoners can join the “Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5)” (All monsters will be DUAL MAX) and “Jumbo Lucky Draw” x1 by logging in on the event website during the event period. The card pool of  “Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5)” includes the brand new Black-Gold cards of 2021── “Divinity of War – Chiyou” and “Queen of Yamatai – Himiko”. Summoners may also get the limited Black-Gold characters of the “Genesis” and “Relics of Fantasy” series! Meanwhile, the “Jumbo Lucky Draw” includes rare materials, such as “Harpy” and “Shedu”, and even Diamond rewards. Lucky Summoners may get 100 Diamonds!

  • Bonus for Selected Summoners ── 1 Extra Draw and 5 DUAL MAX Characters 

Definition of Selected Summoners: Comeback Summoners who have not logged in for over 100 days since their last sign-in to TOS. The eligibility of Selected Comeback Summoners shall last until a total of 45 sign-in days are accumulated.

For this event, there are special rewards for Selected Summoners, who can get 1 extra draw in the “Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5)”, adding 5 specific DUAL MAX characters!  

  • Free Draws of the “Era of Novelty” Seal, up to 8 draws!

Upon the latest version of TOS to be released on 2 Aug (Mon), Summoners will enter the “Era of Novelty” and start a new journey along with the launch of the “Era of Novelty” Seal. To celebrate, from 2 Aug (Mon) after maintenance to 12 Sep (Sun), a corresponding amount of free “Era of Novelty” Seal draws will be rewarded to Summoners, according to their accumulated sign-in days.1 free draw will be rewarded for 1 sign-in day. Summoners can get up to 8 free draws if they have signed in for 2555 days or above! 

DaysNo. of “Era of Novelty” Seal Draws
1 Day1 Draw
365 Days+1 Draw
730 Days+1 Draw
1095 Days+1 Draw
1460 Days+1 Draw
1825 Days+1 Draw
2190 Days+1 Draw
2555 Days+1 Draw
  • Collector’s Deck: Full of the Joys of Youth

Amelioration will be available for “Heat Hits” characters from 19 Jul (Mon).

During the event period of 19 Jul (Mon) ~ 1 Aug (Sun), the “Full of the Joys of Youth” Collector’s Deck will be available. Dressed in swimming suits, “Passion of Volley – Aria”, “Silver Spindrift – Ingrid”, “The Surfing Duo – Lü Bu”, “Ripened Savour – Xiahou Dun” and “Spiker of Strength – Madam Heidi” will be included in the Collector’s Deck, among which “Aria” even possesses the ability to switch! The Deck has 20 draws in total. Apart from the 5 characters of “Heat Hits”, there will be rare materials, such as “Harpy Knight – Madhead”,  “Neon Crow” and “ Soulstone”, which make up to a total of 15 draws!

“Full of the Joys of Youth”
Collector’s Deck
Passion of Volley – Ariax1
Ripened Savour – Xiahou Dunx1
Spiker of Strength – Madam Heidix1
Harpy Knight – Madheadx1
Aqua Essence Soulstonex1
Pyro Essence Soulstonex1
Terra Essence Soulstonex1
Light Essence Soulstonex1
Shadow Essence Soulstonex1
Neon Crowx1
Silver Madheadx2
Baby Harpy Knight – Madheadx3
  • Passion of Volley – Aria── Charms of the Season
  • Passion of Volley – Aria── Switching
  • Sunny Daylight – Aria ── Charms of the Season – EX
  • Silver Spindrift – Ingrid ── Binding Boon
  • The Surfing Duo – Lü Bu ──Valiant Strike

Ripened Savour – Xiahou Dun──Dun’s Assassination

Spiker of Strength – Madam Heidi──Heidi’s Smash

  • Special Offer─Comeback Gift Pack

To celebrate the gathering of “Aria”, “Ingrid” and other characters, “Comeback Gift Pack” (1 purchase limited) will be available at Shop during the “Full of the Joys of Youth” event period. Summoners can collect all the new characters and rare materials in the Collector’s Deck with a special price of HKD $308 / TWD(Google) $1170 / TWD(iOS) $1290 / USD $38.99!

  • TOS Fest Bonus Stages──Shiny Money Honeymoon & Release of Souls

From 19 Jul (Mon) to 1 Aug (Sun), TOS Fest bonus stages will come up two weeks in a roll. For the first week, “Shiny Money Honeymoon” will provide Summoners with heaps of coins. Summoners can get “Mystic Slime” x1 and “Piggy” x3 (equal to 1,500,000 coins) each time they clear the stage “Owner of Coins” (40 Stamina). Meanwhile,  “Mystic Slime” x2 and “Golden Prawn” x2 (equal to 3,000,000 coins) will be rewarded for clearing the stage “Master of Coins” (80 Stamina).

For the second week, “Release of Souls” will supply Summoners with plenty of Soul Materials. 

For each clearance of the stage “Group of Souls” (30 Stamina), “Arcane Luster”x1 and “Golden Mothdrake” x2 (equal to 250 Souls) will be rewarded; while  “Arcane Luster”x2 and “Golden Mothdrake” x4 (equal to 500 Souls) will be given for clearing the stage “Party of Souls” (60 Stamina).

  • TOS Fest Bonus Stages──Diamond and Orb Giveaway

There will be special bonus stages of “Diamond and Orb Giveaway” from 26 Jul (Mon) to 1 Aug (Sun). A daily exclusive stage will be opened each day during the event period. Spirit Orb x10 will be rewarded upon each stage clearance. As there will also be Diamond rewards for stage clearance, Summoners can get a total of 70 Spirit Orbs and 7 Diamonds for 7 stages!

  • Feast of the Fest── Challenges of “Berkeley” & “Charmie”

*Upon the latest version to be released in August, the “Swallow-tailed Butler – Berkeley” series will be renamed as the “Feast of the Fest.”

 “Swallow-tailed Butler – Berkeley”, the “Feast of the Fest” character, will lead and return with its Challenge Mission “World Class Butler” from 26 Jul (Mon) to 1 Aug (Sun). Following that will be the debut of a brand new “Feast of the Fest” character, “Charmie the Favored Preppy”, bringing a new challenge stage – “The Favored Preppy with Crowning Glory”, which will be available after the maintenance on 2 Aug (Mon) til 8 Aug (Sun). The two characters will have their own team skills!

  • TOS Fest──Consecutive Login Rewards

Summoners can get rich rewards, including “Soulstones” materials, “Harpy Knight – Madhead”, “Giallar the Hornist”, Black Keys and Stamina Potion, etc., by simply logging in from 19 Jul (Mon) to 15 Aug (Sun).  The party will keep going on with the Consecutive Login Rewards of “TOS Fest (Part 2)” to be held from 16 Aug (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun).

  • Log In For 21 Days── Get 1 DUAL MAX Character from the Independent Seal Draw

From 19 Jul (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun),Summoners can get great rewards by reaching a certain amount of accumulated sign-in days. For 21 accumulated sign-in days, Summoners can even get a free special independent Seal draw, which will be constituted by the Grand Prizes of the past independent Seal (non-crossover) series. All monsters will be DUAL MAX and in their forms of ultimate evolution (if applicable).

Accumulated Sign-inRewards
7 DaysFluorescent Python x1
14 DaysSouls x 800
21 DaysSpecial Independent Seal Draw x1
28 DaysShedu x1
35 DaysShedu x1
  • TOS Fest──Time for Upgrade

From 9 Aug (Mon) to 13 Aug (Fri), Summoners can upgrade their Summoner Level by clearing daily exclusive stages! A total of 5 Level-ups for 5 days! 

  • TOS Fest──Soul Exchange Sale

There will be special sales in Soul Exchange every day starting from 9 Aug (Mon) to 15 Aug (Sun). Only 80 souls for each item!

Daily ExclusiveRewards
9 AugAqua Essence Soulstone x1
10 AugHarpy x1
11 AugPyro Essence Soulstone x1
12 AugNeon Crow x1
13 AugTerra Essence Soulstone x1
14 AugFluorescent Python x1
15 AugQuintet Madheads x1

● New Bi-weekly Stage of “Flames Forsaken – Jason”!

“Flames Forsaken – Jason” will build a new Bi-weekly stage of “The Strongest Warrior” next Monday. As a Human with Earth attribute, “Jason” can activate “Flurry Slash” that turns Light and Dark Runestones into Earth Runestones. For 1 round, he and the neighboring Human members launch an extra Water attack and an extra Fire attack as much as 25% of their own Attack.