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2021 TOS Fest

[2021 TOS Fest]

The annual TOS Fest is around the corner! Get ready for all the goodies and events!

  • TOS Fest Exclusive Event: A Hundred Draws

Time: 19 Jul (Mon) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun)

100 free Diamond Seal Draws will be given throughout the whole TOS Fest event period. Summoners can grasp the chance and get characters from the independent Seal (non-crossover), Seal of the Engraver, and Seal of the Carver!

Reward Periods:

19 Jul (Mon) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun) 23:59 – Draws x50
3 Aug (Tue) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun) 23:59 – Draws x 50

*Summoners can get the free draws simply by logging in during the above event periods.

  • A Draw for A New Era

Time: 4 Aug (Wed) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun)

Eligible Summoners can join the Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5) and Jumbo Lucky Draw x1 by logging in on the event website during the event period. The card pool of  Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5) includes the brand new Black-Gold cards of 2021── “Divinity of War – Chiyou” and “Queen of Yamatai – Himiko”. Summoners may also get the limited Black-Gold characters of the “Genesis” and “Relics of Fantasy” series! 

Meanwhile, the Jumbo Lucky Draw includes rare materials, such as “Harpy” and “Shedu”, and even Diamond rewards. Lucky Summoners may get Diamond x100!

For this event, there are special rewards for Selected Summoners, who can get 1 extra draw in the Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5) after completing specific Bingo missions. Selected Summoners can even get specific DUAL MAX character x5 that can help them assure future victory!  

*Definition of Selected Summoners: Comeback Summoners who have not logged in for over 100 days since their last sign-in to TOS. The eligibility of Selected Comeback Summoners shall last until a total of 45 sign-in days are accumulated..

*All monsters in the Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5) will be DUAL MAX.

*Login Schedule on first day
【12:00】 UID 1,000,000 ~ UID 500,000,000
【13:00】 UID 500,000,001 ~ UID 900,000,000
【14:00】 UID 900,000,001 ~ UID 950,000,000
【15:00】 UID 950,000,001 ~ UID 952,000,000
【16:00】 UID 952,000,001 ~ UID 999,999,999
【After 17:00】Open to all UID
*Further details will be announced later.

  • Gifts from the New Era ── Free Draws of the “Era of Novelty” Seal

Time:2  Aug (Mon) after maintenance 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun)

To thank you for your long support to TOS, a corresponding amount of free “Era of Novelty” Seal draws will be rewarded, according to Summoners’ accumulated sign-in days, during the event period! 1 free draw will be rewarded for 1 sign-in day. Summoners can get up to 8 free draws if they have signed in for 2555 days or above!

DaysNo. of Draws
1 Day1 Draw
365 Days+1 Draw
730 Days+1 Draw
1095 Days+1 Draw
1460 Days+1 Draw
1825 Days+1 Draw
2190 Days+1 Draw
2555 Days+1 Draw
“Era of Novelty” Seal
Vivacious Dragona – Javanor
Rumbling Lionheart – Queness
Sebelle the Cheerful Nature Lover
Onidzuka Hane the Hovering Halberds
Coco the Fanatic Foodie
Kogol the Fiery Stripes
Water Lily the Flower Artist
Cokira the Flaming Dragonhorn
Lianxuan the Flute Fairy
Lorraine the Crimson Sceptre
Flore the Charging Laser
Doleto the Innovative Machinist

  • Collector’s Deck: Full of the Joys of Youth

Time: 19 Jul (Mon) to 1 Aug (Sun)

During the event period, the “Collector’s Deck” Drawing Machine will be available, with a card pool including 5 characters of the “Heat Hits” series and 15 types of materials.

“Collector’s Deck” can be found in Shop.

Characters included:

  • Passion of Volley – Aria
  • Silver Spindrift – Ingrid
  • The Surfing Duo – Lü Bu
  • Ripened Savour – Xiahou Dun
  • Spiker of Strength – Madam Heidi

Materials included:

  • Harpy Knight – Madhead x1
  • Harpy x3
  • Baby Harpy Knight – Madhead x3
  • Soulstone x5 (1 for each Attribute)
  • Neon Crow x1
  • Silver Madhead x2

*The Drawing Machine can be reset once a day.
*All Monsters are Lv.1, Skill Lv.1.

  • Consecutive Login Rewards

Time: 19 Jul (Mon) to 15 Aug (Sun)
Be persistent and get the rewards!

Daily Login Rewards:
7/19 – Souls x500
7/20 – Baby Harpy x10
7/21 – Stamina Potion x1
7/22 – Black Keys x30
7/23 – Yummy Alpacas x1 set
7/24 – Harpy Knight – Madhead x1
7/25 – Aqua Essence Soulstone x1

7/26 – Yummy Alpacas x1 set
7/27 – Golden Prawn x3
7/28 – Stamina Potion x1
7/29 – Baby Harpy x10
7/30 – Black Keys x30
7/31 – Silver Madhead x2
8/1 – Pyro Essence Soulstone x1

8/2 – Golden Prawn x3
8/3 – Stamina Potion x1
8/4 – Madhead x1
8/5 – Baby Harpy x10
8/6 – Giallar the Hornist x1
8/7 – Harpy Knight – Madhead x1
8/8 – Terra Essence Soulstone x1

8/9 – Baby Harpy x10
8/10 – Friend Points x20000
8/11 – Stamina Potion x1
8/12 – Giallar the Hornist x1
8/13 – Silver Madhead x2
8/14 – Harpy x1
8/15 – Light Essence Soulstone x1

  • Summoners must log in on the said dates in order to obtain the corresponding rewards.
  • Accumulative Login Rewards

Time: 19 Jul (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun)
Summoners can get considerable rewards by reaching a certain amount of accumulated sign-in days during the event period.

Accumulative Login Rewards:
7 days accumulated: Fluorescent Python x1
14 days accumulated: Souls x800
21 days accumulated: Special Independent Seal Draw x1
28 days accumulated: Shedu x1
35 days accumulated: Shedu x1

*The special independent Seal draw will be constituted by the Grand Prizes of the past independent Seal (non-crossover) series. All monsters will be DUAL MAX and in their forms of ultimate evolution (if applicable).

  • Bonus Stages──Shiny Money Honeymoon & Release of Souls 

Time: 19 Jul (Mon) to 25 Jul (Sun)

Stage: Shiny money Honeymoon – Mystic Slime and Coins

Time: 26 Jul (Mon) to 1 Aug (Sun)

Stage: Release of Souls – Soul Materials

  • Bonus Stage ── Diamond and Orb Giveaway

Time: 26 Jul (Mon) to 1 Aug (Sun)
A new stage will be opened each day during the event period. Spirit Orb x10 will be rewarded upon each stage clearance. Summoners can get 70 Spirit Orbs in total for 7 stages!

*A new stage will be opened every day. Each stage can only be challenged once.
*Diamond x1 will be rewarded for stage clearance. A total of 7 Diamonds will be given for 7 stages.

  • Feast of the Fest ── Challenges of “Berkeley” & “Charmie”

Time: 26 Jul (Mon) to 1 Aug (Sun)

Challenge Mission – “World Class Butler” of “Swallow-tailed Butler – Berkeley”, the “Feast of the Fest” character, will lead with its return. 

Time: 2 Aug (Mon) after maintenance to 8 Aug (Sun)

“Charmie the Favored Preppy”, a brand new “Feast of the Fest” character, will bring a new challenge stage – “The Favored Preppy with Crowning Glory”.  The two characters will have their own team skills!

  • Time for Upgrade

Time: 9 Sep (Mon) to 13 Aug (Fri)
Summoners can upgrade their Summoner Level by clearing daily exclusive stages during the event period! A total of 5 Level-ups for 5 days!

Stages Available:
9 Aug (Mon) – Time for Upgrade I
10 Aug (Tue) – Time for Upgrade II
11 Aug (Wed) – Time for Upgrade III
12 Aug (Thu) – Time for Upgrade IV
13 Aug (Fri) – Time for Upgrade V

*A new stage will be opened every day. Each stage can only be challenged once.
*Expired stages will no longer be available and will not be reopened.
*No Diamond will be rewarded for stage clearance in this event.

  • Soul Exchange Sale

Time: 9 Aug (Mon) to 15 Aug (Sun)

There will be special sales in Soul Exchange every day during the event period. Only 80 souls for each item!

9 Aug (Mon) limited: Aqua Essence Soulstone x1
10 Aug (Tue) limited: Harpy x1
11 Aug (Wed) limited: Pyro Essence Soulstone x1
12 Aug (Thu) limited: Neon Crow x1
13 Aug (Fri) limited: Terra Essence Soulstone x1
14 Aug (Sat) limited: Fluorescent Python x1
15 Aug (Sun) limited: Quintet Madheads x1

*Each item is only available on the said date and will no longer be available afterward.

Time: 3 Aug (Tue) 22:00 to 8 Aug (Sun) 23:59

Summoners, team up and gather your powers to challenge the Ultimate stage of “The Magic of Divination”. Get fruitful rewards with all the other Summoners by completing the “Belian Wanted”!

Event Details:
If the total challenge times of the whole server reach certain points, delightful rewards will be given to Summoners as follows:
Total challenge times reach 500 thousand:Madhead x1
Total challenge times reach 1 million:Black Key x50
Total challenge times reach 2 million:Harpy Knight – Madhead
Total challenge times reach 3 million: “Era of Novelty” Seal Draw x1

When the accumulated challenge times reach 1 million, Summoners who clear the stage successfully will get an extra Stamina Potion x3.

The rewards for personal accumulated times of stage clearance are shown below:
2 times: “First Encounter”, “Summoner Candidates” series Feeder ── Lassie Sweety x10
4 times: “First Encounter”, “Summoner Candidates” series Feeder ── Lassie Sweety x10
6 times: “First Encouter”, “Summoner Candidates” series Feeder ── Lassie Sweety x10

*1st and 2nd rewards will be distributed at/after 12:00 on 10 Aug (Tue).
*3rd rewards can be claimed in “personal mission” which locates at the lower left corner of the main map → “Special Mission”.