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“The Fallen Soul” Celebration Event

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds
Time: 6 Sep (Mon) to 10 Sep (Fri)
1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!
★ 2nd Event: New Calamitous Stage “The Fallen Sun”
Time: 6 Sep (Mon) 20:00 to 12 Sep (Sun) 23:59
A new Calamitous Stage will open during the event period!
The Power Release form of the second Seal Lord debuts!
Feel the maleficent breath from Abyss. Summoners, get ready to fight the unknown fear.

1. The “Corrupted Sealed Lords” series is here! The Sealed Lords series will see a new corrupted form, whilst Power Release will gradually be available to such branches.
2. The Evolution of the Power Release version of “Devourer of the Eclipsed Sun” and “Devourer of the Lacerated Moon” will also be available. It takes “Core of Doom” x 3 and “Spirit of the Splendid Sun” x2 or “Core of Doom” x 3 and “Soul of the Ivory Moon” x2 as PR materials to power release the character into its new form of the “Fallen Sun & Moon – Solar & Lunar Sirius”.
3. “Core of Doom” x 1 will be rewarded upon first stage clearance. (During the second returning period, the Rewards will not be reset.)
4. Challenge the 3-star achievement to get “Core of Doom” x 2. (During the second returning period, the Rewards will not be reset.)
5. Restrictions for the stage: only Gods, Beasts, Elves and Machinas are allowed in the Team. The Boss Skill will darken the whole area, which will only light up when the Runestone is touched while moving.
6. Beast-exclusive Dragonware “Nucleus of Duality” can be forged with “Fallen Sun & Moon – Solar & Lunar Sirius” x 1 and Component x 2.
7. “Core of Doom” can be obtained through the “Core of Doom Gift Pack” in Shop.
8. The Calamitous stage “The Fallen Sun” will return on the 2nd of every month thereafter (One-day Exclusive).
★ 3rd Event: Returning Ultimate Stage “Cure to Kill” & “Queen of Arcus”

“Cure to Kill”
Time: 7 Sep (Tue) 22:00 to 10 Sep (Fri) 23:59
The methodical healer gives the warmest treatment to all her friends!

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get Soul x500.
* Complete the stage 3 times to get the animated outfit of “Secret Panacea – Merbromin”.

“Queen of Arcus”
Time: 10 Sep (Fri) 22:00 to 13 Sep (Mon) 23:59
The truth behind the colors will be revealed!

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get the rare Dragonic Compulsion Reward.
* Complete the stage 3 times to get Mastery of Colors – Schrakh” (Skill Lv. 7) x1.
★ 4th Event: Source of Victory
Time: 11 Sep (Sat) to 12 Sep (Sun)

Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x1! (The Stamina Refill must be used within the event period)

*Log in on 11 Sep (Sat) or 12 Sep (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Community”
→ “Rewards”
*The Stamina Refill must be used within 11 Sep (Sat) – 12 Sep (Sun).
★ 5th Event: Diamond Seal Event “Blazing Frost”
Time: 6 Sep (Mon) 13:00 to 12 Sep (Sun) 23:59
During the event period, the “Blossom of the Glacial Beauty” and the “Allure of the Blazing Charm” Seal will be available!
Summoners may get limited Black-gold Characters!

Event setting:
1. “Priestess of Flawless Purity – Xi” (Lv. 1; Skill Lv. 1) x1 will be guaranteed for every 40 draws in the “Blossom of the Glacial Beauty” Seal.
2. “Dancer of Blazing Flames – Yan” (Lv. 1; Skill Lv. 1) x1 will be guaranteed for every 40 draws in the “Allure of the Blazing Charm” Seal.
3. Upon getting their first “Sapphire Phantom – Xi” in the event period, Summoners will be rewarded with its animated outfit. (“Plump Precious Beast” of the same Attribute x1 will be given instead if the outfit is already obtained.)
4. Upon getting their first “Peony of Romance – Yan” in the event period, Summoners will be rewarded with its animated outfit. (“Plump Precious Beast” of the same Attribute x1 will be given instead if the outfit is already obtained.)
★ 6th Event: New Challenge Mission “Divine Protection of Babylon”
Time: 6 Sep (Mon) 16:00 to 12 Sep (Sun) 23:59
The glorious days in the ancient kingdom return! Challenge the legends of Babylon!

Stages Available and Rewards for 1st Stage Clearance:
“The Wise Man’s Whisper” – “Plump Precious Beasts” x1 set
“The Firesmith’s Artistry” – Black Key x50
“The Ruler’s Benevolence” – Soulstone (random) x1
“The Primeval Descendant’s Dance” – Shedu x1
“The Fatalist’s Introspection” – DUAL MAX “Major Gods of Babylon – Supreme Reckoning Virtual Rebirth” redemption coupon x1

1. Summoners can revive with Diamond.
2. The above stages will be unlocked stage by stage only after “The Wise Man’s Whisper” is cleared.
3. The Supreme Reckoning forms of the “Major Gods of Babylon” will be available on 6 Sep at 16:00!
★ 7th Event: “Era of Magic” Extra Challenge Stage
Time: From 7 Sep (Tue) 16:00
Unfold the sequel and get the new character!

Stage Available:
“Miserable Priestess Extra”

* This stage will be available every Tuesday & Sunday thereafter.
* This stage will only be available after the “Star-crossed Sinner Extra” and “Witch of Catastrophe Extra” stages are cleared.
* “Miserable Priestess – Cassandra” x1 will be rewarded upon each stage clearance of “Miserable Priestess Extra”.
★ 8th Event: Purchase Rewards “Core of Doom Gift Pack”
Time: 6 Sep (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun)
Get the rare PR Materials to further upgrade your characters!

Price: HKD $108 / TWD $470 / USD $13.99

– Core of Doom x3

1. Each Summoner can purchase once only.
2. This offer is applicable to all versions, including iOS and Android (Google Play and APK) Version.
3. “Core of Doom” can be used as the PR materials for the “Corrupted Sealed Lords” series. Each character requires Core of Doom x3 to transform into its PR version.
★ 9th Event: Arena “Arena Trials” Reopens
Time: 6 Sep (Mon) 12:00 to 13 Sep (Mon) before maintenance
Arena Trials are available again! Test your skills now!
For more details, please visit:

* Starting from “Sergeant Major”, the required EXP for every upgrade would be 50,000 points.
* The highest rank is “Brigadier”.
★ 10th Event: Returning Outfits in “Trade Fortress”
Time: 6 Sep (Mon) to 7 Nov (Sun)
Another set of returning outfits is available! Don’t miss the chance!

Animated Outfits of “Heroes of Dimension” series:
– “Nine-tailed Fox M. Tamamo”, “Philyra, The Authors’ Muse”, “Seductress Daji”, “Angel of Distortion Azazel”
– ”Angel of Doom Lucifer”, “Deity of the Sun Amaterasu”, “Crow Emissary Yatagarasu”, “Deity of the Dead Izanami”

“Descendants of the North” series:
– “Queen of Judo – Swegde”, “Stealthy Assassination – Heimdallr”, “Sting Punch Boxer – Vali”, “Taekwondo in Courtesy – Modi & Magni”, “Master of Qi – Norvi”

* Summoners can redeem a returning outfit above with “Madhead Slab” x5.
* “Plump Precious Beast” (of the same Attribute) x1 will be given instead if the outfit is already obtained.
TOS Fest Event “Harpy Jamboree”
Time: 6 Sep (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun)
Flocks of Harpy will gather in the realms for 7 days in a roll!
An exclusive stage will be opened each day. For each stage clearance, Summoners can get rewards such as “Baby Harpy”, “Harpy”, “Baby Harpy Knight – Madhead” and “Harpy Knight – Madhead”, etc.

*A new stage will be opened every day. Each stage can only be challenged once.
*Expired stages will no longer be available and will not be reopened.
*No Diamond will be rewarded for stage clearance in this event.
TOS Fest “Ultimate Rechallenge”
Time: 30 Aug (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun)
During the event period, 5 Ultimate stages will return and open for Summoners to challenge in the Lost Relic!

Stages include:
“Breakdown of Principle – Michael” Ultimate stage── “Youth Passion – Return”
“Beguiling Death – Yu Miaoyi” Ultimate stage ── “Phantom of Blood Debts – Return”
“Royal Carat – Auralite 23” Ultimate stage ── “Burden of the King – Return”
“Voluntary Victim – Wang Zhaojun” Ultimate stage ── “Love Your Abuse – Return”
“Erudite Edifier – Anu” Ultimate stage ── “The Teacher’s Record – Return”
* The buff of the “Boss Card Drop x2” TOS Fest event also applies to the above 5 stages. 2 Boss Cards will be dropped for each stage clearance.
TOS Fest Gala Event: Returning Black-gold Seals
To celebrate TOS Fest, limited Black-gold characters will take turns and return! Summoners can grasp the chance to get the rare Black-gold characters!

The next returning Black-gold Seal of “Atlantis” is available from 30 Aug (Mon) 13:00 to 13 Sep (Mon) before maintenance.
Other characters, including “Anubis”, “Maya” and “Mesopotamia”, will also return one after another. (The Seal will be replaced by the next one about every two weeks.)
TOS Fest “Boss Card Drop x2”
Time: 16 Aug (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun)
During the event period, a special offer of “Boss Card Drop x2” will be given to Summoners. There will be an extra Boss Card drop for clearing the specified stages!

Specified Stages include:
Bi-weekly series of “Hunting Teeth – Mumu”
Returning Bi-weekly series of “Mechanical Illusionist – Eileen”
Returning Bi-weekly series of “Tangy Tenderness – Mangosteen”
Ultimate stage of “Trinity Flames – Leafy, Flora, Windie”
Calamitous stage of “Fallen Sun & Moon – Solar & Lunar Sirius”
“Ultimate Rechallenge” stages of TOS Fest event
Returning Ultimate stage of “Mastery of Colors – Schrakh”
Returning Ultimate stage of “Secret Panacea – Merbromin”
A Draw for A New Era
Time: 4 Aug (Wed) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun)
Eligible Summoners can join the Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5) and Jumbo Lucky Draw x1 by logging in on the event website during the event period. The card pool of Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5) includes the brand new Black-gold cards of 2021── “Divinity of War – Chiyou” and “Queen of Yamatai – Himiko”. Summoners may also get the limited Black-Gold characters of the “Genesis” and “Relics of Fantasy” series!
Meanwhile, the Jumbo Lucky Draw includes rare materials, such as “Harpy” and “Shedu”, and even Diamond rewards. Lucky Summoners may get Diamond x100!

For this event, there are special rewards for Selected Summoners, who can get 1 extra draw in the Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5). Selected Summoners can even get specific DUAL MAX character x5 that can help them assure future victory!

*Definition of Selected Summoners: Comeback Summoners who have not logged in for over 100 days since their last sign-in to TOS. The eligibility of Selected Comeback Summoners shall last until a total of 45 sign-in days are accumulated.
*All characters in the Draw Giveaway (Pick 1 out of 5) will be DUAL MAX.
TOS Fest “Gifts from the New Era”
Time:2 Aug (Mon) after maintenance to 12 Sep (Sun)
To thank you for your long support to TOS, a corresponding amount of free “Era of Novelty” Seal draws will be rewarded, according to Summoners’ accumulated sign-in days, during the event period! 1 free draw will be rewarded for 1 sign-in day. Summoners can get up to 8 free draws if they have signed in for 2555 days or above!

Accumulated Sign-in Days
No. of “Era of Novelty” Draws

1 Day 1 Draw
365 Days + 1 Draw (2 Draws in total)
730 Days + 1 Draw (3 Draws in total)
1095 Days + 1 Draw (4 Draws in total)
1460 Days + 1 Draw (5 Draws in total)
1825 Days + 1 Draw (6 Draws in total)
2190 Days + 1 Draw (7 Draws in total)
2555 Days + 1 Draw (8 Draws in total)

*The card pool for the above “Era of Novelty” Seal Draw will be fixed as follows: “Vivacious Dragona – Javanor”, “Rumbling Lionheart – Queness”, “Sebelle the Cheerful Nature Lover”, “Onidzuka Hane the Hovering Halberds”, “Coco the Fanatic Foodie”, “Kogol the Fiery Stripes”, “Water Lily the Flower Artist”, “Cokira the Flaming Dragonhorn”, “Lianxuan the Flute Fairy”, “Lorraine the Crimson Sceptre”, “Flore the Charging Laser” and “Doleto the Innovative Machinist”.
“TOS Fest “A Hundred Draw”
Time: 19 Jul (Mon) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun) 23:59
100 free Diamond Seal Draws will be given throughout the whole TOS Fest event period!
Seal Draws include: Independent Seal (non-crossover), Seal of the Engraver, and Seal of the Carver.

Reward Periods:
19 Jul (Mon) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun) 23:59 – Draw x50
3 Aug (Tue) 12:00 to 12 Sep (Sun) 23:59 – Draw x50

* Summoners can get the free draws simply by logging in during the above event periods.
TOS Fest “Consecutive Login Rewards”
Time: 16 Aug (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun)
Be persistent for 4 weeks and get the rewards!

Daily Login Rewards:
9/6 – Baby Harpy x10
9/7 – Plump Precious Beasts x1 set
9/8 – Stamina Potion x1
9/9 – Giallar the Hornist x1
9/10 – Silver Madhead x2
9/11 – Harpy x1
9/12 – Terra Essence Soulstone x1

*Summoners must log in on the said dates to obtain the corresponding rewards.
TOS Fest “Accumulative Login Rewards”
Time: 19 Jul (Mon) to 12 Sep (Sun)
Summoners can get considerable rewards by reaching a certain amount of accumulated sign-in days during the event period.

Accumulative Login Rewards:
7 days accumulated: Fluorescent Python x1
14 days accumulated: Soul x800
21 days accumulated: Special Independent Seal Draw x1
28 days accumulated: Shedu x1
35 days accumulated: Shedu x1

* The special independent Seal draw will be constituted by the Jackpot characters of the past independent Seal (non-crossover) series. All monsters will be DUAL MAX and in their forms of ultimate evolution (if applicable).

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