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“Freezing Heat – Cynthia” Ultimate Trial |New Item-collecting Mission “Halloween Party Invitation”

Tower of Saviors

“Freezing Heat – Cynthia” Ultimate Trial!

New Item-collecting Mission “Halloween Party Invitation”!

● Ultimate Stage —— Dominator of Flames and Ice

As a subordinate of Marcus, the current ruler of the second vampire family, “Freezing Heat – Cynthia”, who excels in using ice and fire magic, will set up a new Ultimate stage of “Dominator of Flames and Ice” on 25 Oct (Tue) at 22:00 to issue a challenge to all Summoners! 

● 1-out-of-2 Skills —— Freeze or Ignite Enemies

● Item-collecting Mission —— “Halloween Party Invitation”

Halloween is coming! Dressed as a vampire, “Feast of Blood – Shroy” will invite Summoners to take part in the new Item-collecting Mission “Halloween Party Invitation”, which will start from 24 Oct (Mon) after maintenance to 30 Oct (Sun)! During the event period, Summoners can get Item “Pumpkins” by clearing specific stamina-consuming stages. Summoners may also challenge the “Halloween Party Invitation” stage with 80 stamina points to get 80 “Pumpkins”. By collecting the event Items, Summoners may go to the time-limited shop to exchange the Items for valuable rewards, such as “Feast of Blood – Shroy”, Attributive Orbs and Chasmic Cubes!

● Feast of Blood – Shroy —— Leader Skill

● Feast of Blood – Shroy —— Bloody Craze

● Jailbreakers —— Wooded Voodoo- York

“Wooded Voodoo- York”, a felon who has the power to control and communicate with trees, will make his debut next Monday after maintenance, bringing Summoners a new Bi-weekly stage of “Wildwood Intrusion”!

● Wooded Voodoo- York—— Flitting Breakout – Earth