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【Halloween Party Invitation】Celebration Event

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) after maintenance to 28 Oct (Fri)
1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!
★ 2nd Event: Returning Event School Festival “Accumulative Login Rewards”
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) after maintenance to 6 Nov (Sun)
Summoners can get fruitful rewards by logging in for a certain number of days during the event period.

Rewards for accumulated sign-in days:
※ 3 Days – Dragonware “ Takoyaki Seal” x1
※ 5 Days – Player-designed Material “Harlyn the Snow Puppet” x 1
※ 7 Days – Soul x 300 + Coin x 3,000,000
★ 3rd Event: New Ultimate Stage “Dominator of Flames and Ice”
Time: 25 Oct (Tue) 22:00 to 30 Oct (Sun) 23:59
The deprived child has grown into a wizard of ice and flames!

In this Ultimate event, there will be a stage of new difficulty, “Ultimate Rehearsal”.
The overall structure or setting of the “Ultimate Rehearsal” stage will be the same as the Ultimate stage, but the stage will have a relatively lower difficulty with a lower drop chance of the Boss Card character.
Beginners are recommended to challenge this stage of the new difficulty.

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get “Water Orb” x40.
* Complete the stage 3 times to get “Freezing Heat – Cynthia” (Skill Lv.7) x1.
* The “Ultimate Rehearsal” stage will open at the same time until 4 Dec (Sun).
★ 4th Event: Returning Ultimate Stage “Beauty in Strangling”
Time: 28 Oct (Fri) 22:00 to 31 Oct (Mon) 23:59
Leave morality and identity behind and become the demon slayer!

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get Soul x500.
* Complete the stage 3 times to get the animated outfit of “Dancer of Execution – Selena”.
★ 5th Event: Source of Victory
Time: 29 Oct (Sat) to 30 Oct (Sun)
Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x1! (The Stamina Refill must be used within the event period)

* Log in on 29 Oct (Sat) or 30 Oct (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Rewards”.
* The Stamina Refill must be used within 29 Oct (Sat) – 30 Oct (Sun).
★ 6th Event: Festive Event “Halloween Party Invitation”
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) after maintenance to 30 Oct (Sun)
A band new Item-collecting Mission is here! Come and carve pumpkins with Shroy!
During the event period, Summoners can get “Pumpkin” x1 for each stamina point consumed upon successful stage clearance.
By collecting a certain number of “Pumpkins”, Summoners can go to the new time-limited shop to exchange for different valuable items!

【Special Stage “Halloween Party Invitation”】
Each stage entrance requires 80 stamina points. Summoners can get 20,000 EXP and different Materials in the stage!
※ No Boss Card character will be dropped in the stage.
※ Get “Pumpkin”x80 by clearing the stage

【Time-limited Shop “Halloween Party Shop”】
Items include:
※ New character “Feast of Blood – Shroy”
※ Returning festival-related characters
※ Harpy
※ Chasmic Cube
※ Orb
※ Soulstone

* Summoners can go to the event webpage of “Halloween Party Invitation” by tapping the icon in the middle of the main map.
* Summoners can go to the time-limited shop and check their number of “Pumpkins” in the event webpage.
* The time-limited shop can also be found in “Shop”.
* Only stamina-consuming stages (excluding Amelioration, Power release and Virtual Rebirth stages, De-evolution, Reset stages etc.) will be counted. Summoners can only get the event items upon successful stage clearance.
* The time-limited shop will stay open for Summoners to exchange items until 31 Oct (Mon) while the event item “”Pumpkins”” to be given upon successful stamina-consuming stage clearances will be availble only until 30 Oct (Sun).
★ 7th Event: Returning School Festival Diamond Seal Event “Campus Tour”
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) after maintenance to 6 Nov (Sun)
During the event period, the “Collector’s Deck” Drawing Machine will return with a card pool including 5 “”Campus Chapter”” characters and 15 Materials.
The “Collector’s Deck” can be found in “Summon”.

Characters included:
※ The Cutest of All Time – Shroy
※ Miss Octopus – Javanor
※ Perfect Execution – Nocturne
※ Moment of a Heartbeat – Mollyanna
※ Pounding Sensation – Ourea & Nesoi

Materials included:
※ Harpy Knight – Madhead x 1
※ Harpy x 3
※ Baby Harpy Knight – Madhead x 3
※ Soulstone x 1 set (one for each Attribute)
※ Neon Crow x 1
※ Silver Madhead x 2
*The Drawing Machine can be reset once a day.
*All characters will be Lv.1 and Skill Lv.1.
★ 8th Event: Returning School Festival Purchase Rewards “Comeback Gift Pack”
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) after maintenance to 6 Nov (Sun)
Get all the rare characters and Materials of the Collector’s Deck at once!

Price: HKD $308 / TWD(Google) $1170 / TWD(iOS) $1290 / USD $38.99
– Each Summoner can purchase once only.
– “Campus Chapter” characters x 5
– Materials x 15

* This offer is applicable to all versions, including iOS and Android (Google Play and APK) Version.
* Characters include: “The Cutest of All Time – Shroy”, “Miss Octopus – Javanor”, “Perfect Execution – Nocturne”, “Moment of a Heartbeat – Mollyanna”, “Pounding Sensation – Ourea & Nesoi”.
* Materials include: “Harpy Knight – Madhead” x 1, “Harpy” x 3, “Baby Harpy Knight – Madhead” x 3, “Soulstone” x 1 set (one for each Attribute), “Neon Crow” x 1, “Silver Madhead” x 2.
* All characters will be Lv.1 and Skill Lv.1.
★ 9th Event: Returning School Festival Special Mission “”Power Showdown”
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) after maintenance to 6 Nov (Sun)
During the event period, a Damage-calculating stage of “”Power Showdown”” will be available. Summoners can get different rewards by achieving certain Damage scores or above!

Get the following rewards by achieving certain Damage scores in “Grand Showdown of the Seven Races” for the first time!
※ 1 or above: Get Coin x 1,500,000
※ 10,000,001 or above: Get Baby Harpy x15
※ 100,000,001 or above: Get Black Key x 15
※ 1,000,000,001 or above: Get Delicate Desserts x 1 set + Dim Sum Delicacies x 1 set
※ 1,000,000,001 or above: Get Neon Crow x 1 + Fluorescent Python x 1
※ 1,000,000,001 or above: Get Shedu x 1
└ Due to technical issues, the Damage score requirement for the last two rewards will be lowered to 1,000,000,001.
└ Summoners who achieve a Damage score of ≥1,000,000,001 for the first time will be rewarded with 1 Neon Crow, 1 Fluorescent Python and 1 Shedu.

More Damage Challenge Floors:
“Human Power Showdown” – only Humans are allowed in the stage
“God Power Showdown” – only Gods are allowed in the stage
“Demon Power Showdown” – only Demons are allowed in the stage
“Machina Power Showdown” – only Machinas are allowed in the stage
“Elf Power Showdown” – only Elves are allowed in the stage
“Beast Power Showdown” – only Beasts are allowed in the stage
“Dragon Power Showdown” – only Dragons are allowed in the stage

* Summoners can get PR Material of the corresponding Race x2 and Baby Harpy x3 upon their first clearance of the above 7 extra challenge floors.
★ 10th Event: New Bi-weekly Stage “Jailbreakers”
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) after maintenance to 6 Nov (Sun)
Watch out for the dangerous wanted terrorist who has the power to communicate with trees!
Debuting Stage & Character: “Wildwood Intrusion” – “Wooded Voodoo- York”

1. Currently, there will be “Basic”, “Advanced” and “Extra” floors only for the new Bi-weekly series. For every clearance of the “Extra” floor, a 100% drop of the Boss Card will be guaranteed!
2. Diamond x1 will be rewarded to Summoners who clear all the floors (“Basic”, “Advanced” and “Extra”).
3. “Specific Clear Times” is available for the “Basic” and “Advanced” floors. Clear the floors for specific times to obtain bonus rewards.
★ 11th Event: Returning Bi-weekly Stage “Lionheart Martial Arts Hall” & “The Enchanted Painting”
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) to 6 Nov (Sun)

During the event period, the “Lionheart Martial Arts Hall” and “The Enchanted Painting” Bi-weekly series will return at the same time for Summoners to challenge them!

Available Stages:
※ “Lurking in the Breath”
※ “Gao Yao & Taishang Laojun”
★ 12th Event: “Bonus Stamina”
Time: 24 Oct (Mon) to 27 Oct (Thu)
1st period: 24 Oct (Mon) to 25 Oct (Tue)
2nd period: 26 Oct (Wed) to 27 Oct (Thu)
Stamina Refill x 1 will be given to Summoners who use Diamond to recover Stamina for the first time during the mentioned periods.
A total of 2 Stamina Refills can be obtained.
1. After the maintenance, some outfits will be available for characters of the following series:
※ VR “The Norns – Refinement” series:
└ Outfit “Corpse Bride Urd”
└ Outfit “Skuld the Roguish Knight”
└ Outfit “Verthandi the Liqueur Vampire”
└ Outfit “Idun the Dead of the Holy Temple”
└ Outfit “Witch Hunter Brynhild”
※ VR “The Witches – Refinement” series:
└ Outfit “Cassandra of Whirling Waves”, “Refreshing Spindrift – Cassandra”, “Winnie the Cassandra”
└ Outfit “Medea of Flying Flames”, “Hymn of Love & Hate – Medea”, “Scarlet Enchantress – Medea”, “Beauteous Allure – Medea”, “Center of Attention – Medea”
└ Outfit “Circe of Misty World”, “Dreamy Coolness – Circe”, “Sweety the Mesmerizing Circe”

2. The 2022 Asteria Mission-related events and Items will only be available until 2023-01-29. The corresponding Drawing Machines and Items, including Items “Yellow Asteria” and “Violet Asteria”, and Drawing Machine “Material Summon Seal Case” and Collector’s Deck “An Expedition to Civilization” will be removed after the said date. Summoners are recommended to use the Items in the Drawing Machines before the deadline. There will be a new mission and item(s) next year so please stay tuned!
Last update time: 2022-10-24 15:32