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UI Intro: Main Map

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1.1 Main Map

The main map consists of the following parts:

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1. Enochian Tower
2. Glacial Iceberg
3. Afire Volcano
4. Dark Cove
5. Divine Woodland
6. Holylight City
7. Lost Relic
8. The Traveller’s Memories
9. Arena

Main Chapter Progress (1st Seal – 7th Seal)
The 1st Seal to 7th Seal of Main Chapters takes place at the main map. To unlock a new Seal, you must clear all the latest stages in Glacial Iceberg, Afire Volcano, Dark Cove, Divine Woodland and Holylight City whenever there is a new stage available.

Lost Relic
Located at the top left corner of the map, you can find material stages and event stages in Lost Relic. Here is a list of stages you can find in Lost Relic:
– Biweekly stage
– Horror stage
– Transmigration stage
– Infinite challenge
– Material stage
– Training stage
– Special one-off event

The Traveller’s Memories
Located at the top right corner of the map, you can find story mode stages in the Traveller’s Memories. Here is a list of available story mode stages:
– 12 Zodiacs – Chapter 1
– 12 Zodiacs – Chapter 2
– Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom
– Fort Stirling
– Monument of Aokigahara
– Asgard the Sanctified City
– Ruins of Hunterville
– The Summit of Tianzhu
– Tales of the Nile
– Crossover story stages

In Arena, you can compete with other players by achieving a higher score in Arena Challenge. Various prizes can be redeemed with Prize Points. More information and tips about Arena will be introduced in the upcoming chapters.

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