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Monsters: Level Up


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4.1 Level Up

After introducing the general materials in the previous chapter, it’s time to invest in your monsters. To avoid wasting materials and to maximize the efficiency in leveling up, there are some strategies you may refer to.

Efficient Way to Level Up

A. Feed Your Monsters with Plump Precious Beasts


Before feeding your monsters with Plump Precious Beasts, you need to level max them first. 

* Please make sure the materials and target monsters are of same attribute when leveling up *

Feed Prime Millennium Soulstones x2 (same attribute) = Lv. Max Plump Precious Beast (same attribute)

Then, use them to level up your target monster. Here are the strategies:

1) Feed Plump Precious Beast x3 (Lv. Max) + Prime Millennium Soulstones x1 + Madhead x1 = ~Lv. Max Target Monster (based on 5-million EXP)

2) Feed Plump Precious Beast x4 (Lv. Max) + Madhead x1 =  Lv. Max Target Monster (based on 5-million EXP)  * You can use this method to level up 6-million EXP monster

To have better resource management, you can farm Prime Millennium Soulstones in the daily stage in each version and save up some Plump Precious Beasts in the in-game events.

B. Feed Spiritual Eye, Heavy Gear Knight & The Stone Inscripter


When your monsters are Lv.90 or above, especially those who require considerable EXP to level up, it’s way more economical to feed them with Spiritual Eye, Heavy Gear Knight or The Stone Inscripter. 

The main reason is: These materials give you direct and fixed level up results regardless of monster level.

423i Spiritual Eye, Lv. of monster +1

424i Heavy Gear Knight, Lv. of monster +3

425i  The Stone Inscripter, Lv. of monster +5

Of course, you can always mix and match to combine the materials you actually have when leveling up your monsters. The above strategies are just recommendations but not strict rules.


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