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Monsters: Skill Lv Up


Level UpSkill Level Up

4.2 Skill Level Up

For newbies and returning players, how to level up the skill of a Monster efficiently always remains a question in their heads. 

The chart shows the relationship between Skill Level and Battle Rounds.


Efficient Way to Skill Level Up

Before you skill level up a monster, think as below.

monster2 (2).png

A. Exclusive Skill Level Up Materials

For monsters with Exclusive Skill Level Up Materials, it’s the easiest.

Take “Sphinx” as an example.


“Sphinx” is the Exclusive Skill Level Up Material for Heroes from Afar, Cunning Phantoms, 72 Demonic Spirits, Ancient Artifacts, Chinese Paladin Legends, Monster Strike – Heroes, Richman and Hunter×Hunter series.

All you need to do is to feed a certain amount of “Sphinx” to target monsters. 

Refer to the following formula:

2 Sphinx = Skill Lv. 7

5 Sphinx = Skill Lv. 8

9 Sphinx = Skill Lv. 9

14 Sphinx = Skill Lv.10

19 Sphinx = Skill Lv. 11

24 Sphinx = Skill Lv. 12

29 Sphinx = Skill Lv. 13

34 Sphinx = Skill Lv. 14

39 Sphinx = Skill Lv. 15

**Important: Characters of bi-weekly stages, ultimate stages, Coliseum, Joint Operation, Horror Stage, Arena, etc are NOT applicable to the formula above.**

B. Feeders & Copies the Monster Itself

For general monsters (Skill Lv. 1), ask yourself: Does it have feeders? If yes, feed them with feeders.

How to check if a monster has feeders?


Open up a character info. Click “?” to check. In Varuni’s card, you can use “Ebony Lizard Warrior” as a feeder.


Other examples:

[Image: 50?cb=20140622085829][Image: 50?cb=20140622085839][Image: 50?cb=20140622085847][Image: 50?cb=20140622085856][Image: 50?cb=20140622085904]

[Image: 50?cb=20160505101922][Image: 50?cb=20160505101923][Image: 50?cb=20160505101924][Image: 50?cb=20160505101924][Image: 50?cb=20160505101926]

[Image: 50?cb=20160314094723][Image: 50?cb=20160314094724][Image: 50?cb=20160314094725][Image: 50?cb=20160314094725][Image: 50?cb=20160314095038]

* not exhaustive

Feeders are a list of monsters (mainly used as material purposes) which share a common skill with a target monster. As there are plenty of feeders in the game, you may refer to the Point 3 in the following hyperlink to have more understanding about them.

Fantastic Feeders and Where to Find Them , credited to Fauxy

5 Feeders/Copies of Monster Itself (same skill) = +1 Skill Lv. (minimum)

There are three feeding methods.

i) Direct Feed:

  097i   –>     1056i

Swegde can be fed directly with a feeder named “Aqueous Slimes” which shares the same skill. You can farm the feeder in many places, one is “Queen of the Kingdom of Folkvangr” in the story mode. If you feed her with 5 at a single time, her skill level will increase by 1.

ii) Evolved Feed:

105i   –>   333i   –>   359i

Pollux is a monster that his skill only matches the evolved form of a feeder “Ghost Slime“. So, you need to max the skill level of Ghost Slime by feeding it with Shadowy Nymphs first. Then evolve the Ghost Slime into “Demon Slime“, which matches the skill of Pollux’s. Finally, you may skill level up Pollux with Demon Slime.

iii) Copies of Monster Itself

For monsters that have no feeders nor exclusive skill level up materials (e.g. Biweekly monsters & Ultimate Stage Boss), farming the monster itself will be the most economical way to skill level up that monster. 


2322 (Skill LV. 7) + 2322 2322 2322 2322 2322 = 2322 (Skill LV. 8)

However, farming will cost you a certain amount of Stamina. So, you need to make a balance in terms of resource management.

C. Baby Harpy/Harpy

For all monsters, you can feed them with baby harpies.


Baby Harpy x5 = Skill Lv.7

Baby Harpy x14 = Skill Lv.8

Baby Harpy x27 = Skill Lv.9

When the Skill Lv. reaches 7, feeding Baby Harpy is not efficient anymore, so you can stop using them in order to save up for other monsters.

***Tip***: Wait for Baby Harpy Up in Friend Point Seal. You can get at least 2 Baby Harpy for each 10 draw.

Feeding Tips:

8+2 Feeding


8+2 is a feeding technique that you use 8 monster copies + 2 baby harpy to level up your target monster (Skill Lv. 1). Depending on your luck, the skill of target monster will jump to skill lv. 7-10, the so-called “lucky jump”.

Then, you can continue to feed 5 monster copies at a single time, in case it has lucky jump again, to level max its skill. 

Advantage: Save Baby Harpy/other materials/your time if you’re lucky

Disadvantage: Stamina to farm monster copies


Harpy is a rare material and hard to get in the game. If you don’t want to spend time farming other skill level up materials, you may consider using it. However, it’s recommended to use it only when it’s truly needed.

To save the valuable Harpy, it’s better to use it when Monster’s Skill Lv is 9 or abovebecause the higher the monster skill level is, the harder to get its skill leveled up.


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