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Monsters: Evolve


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4.1 Evolve

After maximizing monster’s level and skill level, evolving is essential in the game to overcome challenging stages as it will not only increase the overall stats of a character, but also changes its active skill.

How to Evolve

Step 1: Make sure your monster is Dual Max (Level Max+Skill Max)


The monster’s active skill may change and you’ll find it harder to level up its skill after evolution.

Step 2: Click the monster’s icon. Then click “Evolve”.


Step 3: Required Materials


Evolving a monster requires two things: Coins & Materials.

You can check how many materials you have in the UI. 

**After evolution, the monster will go back to Lv.1, but its Skill Level remains the same. That’s why you need to max the Skill Level before evolution.**

Step 4: Where to farm “Evolve Materials”


If you lack “Evolve Materials”, you can open up the character info by clicking “?”.


You can find all the possible locations of that material in the card info.

Step 5: Evolve

After getting everything ready, you may click “Confirm” to evolve your monster.



After evolution:

  1. Monster’s Level will be reset to 1
  2. Skill Level remains the same
  3. Active Skill has changed


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