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Monsters: Power Release


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4.3 Power Release (PR)

After Amelioration, you can proceed Power Release (PR). 

Power Release is a further evolution of a character to boost its skill and stats. Like “Evolve”, it requires materials and certain PR materials (rare) to get this process done.

PR Materials

There are 2 major types of PR materials, Race-specific and Monster-specific.

Race-specific PR Materials

429i The Memory Traveler, PR material for Human

430i Giallar the Hornist, PR material for God

502i The Craving Cryptid, PR material for Beast

503i Mosasaur, PR material for Dragon

504i Bewitching Fairy, PR material for Elf

505i The Heartless Umpire, PR material for Demon

Where to Find?

A. Black Hole


Cost: 50 Black Keys per entering the stage

B. Trade Fortress → Evolve Mat.



You can exchange a PR material with another PR material. It’ll cost you 300,000 Coins each time, but with unlimited quotas.

C. Madhead Trading & Tunestone Trade



You can also either trade Bronze Madhead x5 / Silver Madhead / Tunestones for PR Materials in Trade Fortress.

Monster-specific PR Materials

Some PR materials are especially for certain monsters.

673i Skeletal Houngans, PR material for Saruman the Lord of Demons

701i Spirit of the Splendid Sun, PR material for Devourer of the Eclipsed Sun

702i Soul of the Ivory Moon, PR material for Devourer of the Lacerated Moon

738i Draupnir the Intellect, PR material for Odin the Knight of Runes

741i Infernal Phantom, PR material for Diablo, Manipulator of Elements

849i Ancient Wood of Resentment, PR material for Nidhogg, Undying Dragon of Poison

1016i Thunderous Statue, PR material for Thunderous Supremacy – Zeus

997i Chandelier of Promise, PR material for Michael – Lucifer

1078i Helmet of the Underworld Lord, PR material for God of Underworld – Hades

1187i Scales of Order, PR material for Goddess of Order – Giemsa

Where to Find?

These monster-specific materials normally drop in the monster’s nightmare/ultimate stage.

**Droprate of the monster-specific material is low in the ultimate stage; while you are guaranteed to get it in the nightmare stage.**

Power Release Battle

Once you get the materials ready, you can power release the monster by entering the battle.


Unlike AME battle, you need to go solo in the PR battle.


Although the monster doesn’t need to be max level to power release, you’re advised to max it to pass through the challenging battle.

** You can revive with Diamond if you fail **

Monster keeps its accumulated EXP before PR. However, the monster may lose levels after PR due to the EXP curve increase. As for Monster’s Skill Lv., it will remain the same.

Universal PR Material

1950i Neon Crow

For newbie-friendly purpose, Neon Crow is a PR material for all PR-able monsters. Due to its scarcity, it’s still not a common way to PR in the game. Using Neon Crow can directly PR the monster without entering battle.

** Using Neon Crow to PR will not receive Diamond x1 given by the PR battle **


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