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Monsters: Amelioration


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4.2 Amelioration (AME)

Amelioration is another way to increase the overall stats of a character. 

Amelioration normally has 4 phases, i.e AME I, AME II, AME III, AME IV.


When you open up a character info, you can check whether it has AME slots to determine if that character is available for AME.


You can click the AME slots to check on the detailed skill info.

How to AME

** Before AME, it’s recommended to maximize your monster’s level and skill level.**

Step 1: Open character info. As AME requires Souls instead of materials, so click the Soul icon to melt Souls.


Step 2: Click Amelioration until you melt the required Souls.


After that, a battle stage will be opened.


Step 3: Pass the AME battle with a fixed team, which normally consists of only Leader & Ally.


** AME battle sometimes is quite challenging. It’s suggested to level up the monster and its skill before joining AME battle.**

Step 4: After finishing the battle, the character will obtain AME I.


You can open the character info to check the obtained AME Skill.


Where to Farm Souls

A. Day of Souls

Open on Thurs, Sats and Suns only. Clearing the stage will drop 3 monsters as below.

576i Breeding Crystal. Decompose it for 3 Souls.

577i Essence Hunter. Decompose it for 10 Souls.

578i Arcane Luster. Decompose it for 10 Souls.


1294i Drifting Petals – Sun Shangxiang. Obtain when Arena reaches Lv. 10.

Bring this character to increase 30% chance an Arcane Luster appears in the last Wave of the Basic level and 50% in that of the Advanced level (the probability can be summed up).

B. Decompose Unnecessary Characters

By Decomposing specific characters (not all) in the inventory, you may get a certain amount of souls.

For example: 5* →  50 Souls; 6* → 200 Souls


Remember to check the Soul amount before decomposing.

C. Event Reward

1718i Golden Mothdrake. Decompose it for 100 Souls.

Golden Mothdrake will be given as a reward from time to time in the in-game events. Do login everyday and don’t miss any benefits.

D. Achievement Reward


In bi-weekly stages, some achievements offer Souls as a reward. Go check on the achievement before challenging the stages.

What is so important about AME Skills?

  1. AME Skills are essential to increase character’s stats with fair cost (only souls & stamina)
  2. Unlike Active Skills, AME Skills don’t have CD. You can trigger how many times you like as long as you meet the conditions. 
  3. There are many types of AME SKills:

– Attack increase x% after dissolving runestones in a column (AME Sword)

– Recovery increase x% after dissolving runestones in a column (AME Heart)

– CD reduction after entering a stage

– CD reduction in the battle

– Droprate increase in the column

– Enchanted runestones in the column

– Runestone effect possession

AME Sword/Heart


If your character has the AME skill that requires you to dissolve specific runestones under the AME character, you will trigger the so-called “AME Swords/Heart” after you meet the conditions.

** Triggering AME Swords is an important technique to increase your attack! **


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