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Explore: 1st to 10th Seal


Main ChaptersVoid of the Realm

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8.1 1st to 10th Seal

The 1st to 10th Seal is the main chapters of the game.

Main Stage 1.jpg

Source: Tower of Saviors Wiki

1st to 7th Seal

Unlock Sequence: Glacial Iceberg → Afire Volcano → Divine Woodland → Holylight City → Dark Cove → Enochian Tower

286i 1st Sealed Lord: Saruman

288i 2nd Sealed Lord: Devourer of the Eclipsed Sun

287i 3rd Sealed Lord: Odin

285i 4th Sealed Lord: Diablo

290i 5th Sealed Lord: Nidhogg

293i 6th Sealed Lord: Lucifer

450i 7th Sealed Lord: Giemsa

For details about the 1st – 7th Seal:

After completing the 7th Seal, scroll up in the main map to enter the 8th Seal and Void of the Realm. Void of the Realm is a tough challenge in general, so it’s suggested to revisit after passing the 9th Seal.

8th Seal.jpg

8th Seal

Main Stage 2.jpg

Source: Tower of Saviors Wiki

Unlock Sequence: 8-1 → 8-2 → 8-3 → 8-4 → 8-5 → 8-6

After arriving at the “The Holy City of Nibiru”, Summoners must gather “Regalia” of the Gods before proceeding further to the 9th Seal.

Regalia 1.jpg

Regalia 2.jpg

The “Regalia” can only be obtained by unlocking 3 achievements at once.

You can only obtain 1 “Regalia” each day, it will appear in specific region by date. 

The “Regalia” will not appear during weekends (Sat and Sun).

829i 8th Sealed Lord: Yog-Sothoth

9th Seal

After collecting all the “Regalia”, you can scroll up again in the main map to enter the 9th seal.

9th Seal.jpg

Main Stage 3.jpg

Source: Tower of Saviors Wiki

Unlock Sequence: 9-1 → 9-2 → 9-3

1135i 9th Sealed Lord: Khaos

10th Seal

As you claimed the victory of the 9th Seal, the 10th Seal is where you’ll continue.

Instead of scrolling up, you need to scroll all the way down to the underground.

10th Seal.jpg

main stage 4.jpg

Source: Tower of Saviors Wiki

Stepping into the 10th Seal, there are some Race limitations on specific stages, which increases the difficulty in the way you form a team. When you pass through the area, 1 race limitation will be removed.

Warzone Remains:  NoBeastMembersNoElfMembersNoDragonMembers Beast, Elf and Dragon are forbidden

Ritual Ruins:  NoElfMembersNoDragonMembers Elf and Dragon are forbidden

Eternal Prison: NoDragonMembers Dragon is forbidden

There is a collecting mechanism in the 10th Seal. You need to collect relevant Tunestones in order to move on to the next area. Tunestone will be dropped in a boss stage. Once you’ve collected all the Tunestones of an area, you can unlock a Race-exclusive Dragonware.


Required Tunestones in Each Area:

A) Warzone Remains:


Reward after collecting the full set: DC7002 Harp of Fantasia Seal (Human Exclusive)

B) Ritual Ruins:


Reward after collecting the full set: DC7003 Harp of Fantasia Spell (Human Exclusive)

C) Eternal Prison:


Reward after collecting the full set: DC7036 Horn of Skull Pattern (Demon Exclusive)

D) Mechanical City Gate: 


Reward after collecting the full set: DC7039 Horn of Skull Amulet (Demon Exclusive)

Possible Drops of Tunestones:

A) Warzone Remains:

Runestone_Tunestone_A.png :10-1-1-3/10-1-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-1-1-3

Runestone_Tunestone_B.png :10-1-2-3/10-1-4-3/10-1-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-1-4-3

Runestone_Tunestone_C.png :10-1-3-3/10-1-4-3/ 1st clearance: 10-1-3-3

Runestone_Tunestone_D.png :10-1-3-3/10-1-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-1-5-4

Runestone_Tunestone_E.png :10-1-2-3/10-1-3-3/10-1-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-1-2-3

B) Ritual Ruins:

Runestone_Tunestone_(a).png :10-2-2-3/10-2-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-2-2-3

Runestone_Tunestone_(b).png :10-2-3-3/10-2-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-2-5-4

Runestone_Tunestone_(c).png :10-2-1-3/10-2-3-3/ 1st clearance: 10-2-1-3

Runestone_Tunestone_(d).png :10-2-2-3/10-2-4-3/10-2-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-2-4-3

Runestone_Tunestone_(e).png :10-2-1-3/10-2-3-3/10-2-4-3/ 1st clearance: 10-2-3-3

C) Eternal Prison:

Runestone_Tunestone_F.png :10-3-3-3/10-3-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-3-5-4

Runestone_Tunestone_G.png :10-3-1-3/10-3-3-3/10-3-4-3/ 1st clearance: 10-3-3-3

Runestone_Tunestone_1.png :10-3-1-3/10-3-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-3-1-3

Runestone_Tunestone_2.png :10-3-2-3/10-3-3-3/ 1st clearance: 10-3-2-3

Runestone_Tunestone_3.png :10-3-2-3/10-3-4-3/10-3-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-3-4-3

D) Mechanical City Gate: 

Runestone_Tunestone_(f).png :10-4-1-3/10-4-3-3/10-4-4-3/ 1st clearance: 0-4-1-3

Runestone_Tunestone_(g).png :10-4-2-3/10-4-3-3/ 1st clearance: 10-4-2-3

Runestone_Tunestone_4.png :10-4-2-3/10-4-4-3/10-4-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-4-3-3

Runestone_Tunestone_5.png :10-4-1-5/10-4-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-4-4-3

Runestone_Tunestone_6.png :10-4-3-3/10-4-5-4/ 1st clearance: 10-4-5-4

1871i 10th Sealed Lord: Shamash

Tunestone Trade

Apart from unlocking a new area, Tunestones can be exchanged for items in “Tunestone Trade” in Trade Fortress, like Alpacas, Dim Sum Delicacies, PR Materials, Madhead, etc.

Tunestone Trade.jpg


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