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Battle Basics: Mechanism

Battle Basics

Attribute RelationsMechanism
SpinningTypes of Damage

2.2 Mechanism

Battle 2.jpg

Align 3 or more runestones of the same attribute horizontally or vertically to dissolve them and attack. Dissolving Fire runestones for example, will let your fire type monsters attack this turn, other non fire type monsters will not attack.

Dissolving Heart runestones will heal you, depending on your Team’s Recovery stat.

Single Attacks

  • Dissolve at least 3 of the same attribute to deal a single attack to an enemy.
  • Dissolving 4 runestones will deal more damage and can be enhanced by creating combos.

Multiple Attacks

  • Dissolve 5 or more of the same attribute to deal damage to all enemies.
  • Create Enchanted Runsestones by stacking 5 or more to increase damage


Battle 3.jpg

  • Dissolve a number of single and/or multiple attacks that you can before the time expires.
  • Damage multiplier will increase as you create more combos, try to reach at least 3 to 5 combos per turn.
  • Damage multiplier will also affect your healing capacity.


Battle 5.jpg

Tap on the monster you prefer to attack first, second, or last, use is wisely, especially for boss battles.

Battle 6.jpg

Monsters with a “Skull Icon” as show above, means that the game will be over once they successfully hit you, avoid getting hit by them by targeting them first.

The “Suggested Path” Option

At the beginning of the game, the game will offer you this feature where the AI will suggest nice paths that you could take to dissolve runestones. Use this as a guide early game but don’t rely on it too much, remove it later on to enhance and practice your own moves.

The “Suggested Path” option is a nice feature for beginners to learn some basic moves and combos, but it will not teach you how to dissolve 5 or more runestones or when to heal.

Diagonal Switch

Battle 7.jpg

You can move diagonally to switch 2 runestones, it’s kinda tricky but if you are accurate enough, it’s possible. I suggest you use this method as a “last second move” because sometimes if you can’t do it right the first time, it might take some seconds away from your timer.



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