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Battle Basics: Spinning

Battle Basics

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SpinningTypes of Damage

2.3 The Basics

Here is a spinning technique shown by author “Nash”.

Rather than going for the obvious rune groups, start with either side of the screen (left, right, top, bottom). Identify possible groups of 3 runes within each “lane” and arrange them progressively from one end to the other end. “Lane” here refers to either rows/column depending on which side you are starting out with.

Battle 8.jpg

Let’s say we go from left to right. We have identified the first 2 groups for Lane 1 and Lane 2. Its OK even if a third rune is 2 or even 3 lanes away. If we are able to get it without affecting the neighboring lanes’ group, then everything’s cool.

Battle 9.jpg

Remember, the beauty of this technique is that arranged runes “behind” you will not be affected by your spinning later.

Battle 10.png

A useful video to illustrate:


Practice Yourself

Want a spinning simulator? Here!


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