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Starter: Fast Leveling


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1.4 Fast Leveling

To help players catch up with the latest part of the story the “Crash Course” stage was introduced. In there you can grind your level up to 150 and unlock many rewards in the process. Some players prefer to play the Crash Course along with the Main Story to level up and refresh their stamina as they keep advancing on the early chapters of the story without stopping. 

Starter 5.jpg

As your level increases your Team Cost will also increase, allowing you to add more strong members to your teams at the same time and increase your maximum amount of stamina.

Starter 0.4.jpg

For Summoners below Lv. 150, EXP Stage “Crash Course” in the Lost Relic is your good helper to ramp your personal level quickly!

Starter 0.5.jpg

At Level 150 you are able to choose one All Max VR Greek God from your rewards, so based on you previous card choices and what you have obtained from the Diamond Seals you should select one of them. The best choices here tend to be Athena, Artemis and Apollo because there are powerful endgame cards that work with them like Rakshasa, Hel, and Lucifer respectively.


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