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Starter: Seal Lords


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1.5 Facing the Sealed Lords

In the journey of the Summoner to climb the Tower and reach the Gods for help, you will have to face all kinds of enemies and learn the game basics until the 7th seal, from there onwards things get more challenging and you are going to start to get serious about learning how to build teams and strategies.

The first Sealed Lord you face will be Saruman.


He uses a summon shield mechanic that as long as he gets minions, you are unable to kill him. In order to defeat him you will need to launch a Full Attack by dissolving a group of 5 runestones of your characters’ attribute, that will damage all enemies and then in the next round you can attack Saruman directly. If he doesn’t die, he will summon minions again, so repeat the strategy until you defeat him.

Once you clear the first seal you will receive Matthew to start your journey.

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