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Starter: Newbie Seal


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1.3 Newbie Friendly Seal


Upon finishing the tutorial, you will have access to the Newbie Friendly Seal. You can have unlimited pull you like until you get what you want.

The seal has a fixed pool of cards that you can get from the Carver and Engraver banner. These cards can grow stronger with different types of upgrades and evolutions, so they will stay relevant as you continue your journey as the Summoner.

Characters of Newbie Friendly Seal

Starter 0.3.jpg

  • The Witches: This magical trio can be paired or used as standalone in different teams to boost your damage continuously on different turns, but beware because they are a double-edge that brings drawbacks. On latest evolutions they can be deactivated on-demand so they are less troublesome. From here the best would be “Princess of Troy”, Cassandra.
  • Norse Gods: you will need to cross many challenges and adventures on different dungeons and stories to get their maximum power, so if you summon one of them you will have the promise of a leader that will be reliable as long as you dedicate the time to train them. The best option here would be Loki* since there are different story and event cards that cooperate with him.
  • Servant of Dragons: The staple series that can work with any Dragon team. Dragons are known to be durable and they have a lot of HP so it is hard for enemies to take you down with one hit at the expense of recovering slowly. It is recommended to go for either the Water or Dark Dragon Spiritors, but if you are planning to pick from here it is better to wait on having one or the other. If you don’t have a dragon leader ignore them.
  • Cyborg Scholars: Their skills offer powerful tactical skill that can save you from the verge of dead or beat enemies with really high defense. The Scholars also have a branched evolution path that allows them to evolve to the Machina race which is full of members and leaders that can be obtained from the Lost Relic Pass.
  • Toy Pixies: The Elf race tends to resolve their problems by constantly healing themselves from enemy hits and counter attacking with heavy attacks that are results of stacking combination of their skills. None of them is a leader, but Matryoshka and Morris can help you a lot against enemies with Overheal shield.
  • Origin of Demons: Demons are known for having really high attack but little Health Points to whistand enemy attacks. This series consists of leaders that can help you secure many event achievements by not losing rounds waiting for runestones of your type, so they are a fast start for new players. Best would be Azazel* or Samael*.
  • Primal Greek Gods: They possess good stats and different leader skills that provide you with constant power, but for them to master their gameplay and find helpful members that can solve their drawbacks. For new players I would recommend going for Pontos* or Erebus*.
  • Revolutionary Heroes: they are better suited as member rather than leaders and are fast converters that can help your team to keep runestones of your type in the board quickly, they have full kits that help you solve different types of problems with a single active skill. The best choice here would be based on your most common element, but Florice and Morse do possess the most powerful skills from the series.
  • Companion of Mystical Beasts: they are all a great choice, but new players are recommended to aim for Haza* since he is a grind based leader and you can obtain powerful beast members from the LR Pass and the Friend Point Seal.
  • Mechanical Life: Machinas alone are not so great, but if you manage to get the right combination of cards they offer powerful skill combos to counter complex enemies that you will meet late in the game. The most recommended are Phi and Epsilon.

Cards with an * after their name means that their skills can be maxed out with skill feeders.


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