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Starter: Find Team Members


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1.6 Find Team Members

1.6.1 Lost Relic Pass Registry

Lost Relic Pass Registry

“Lost Relic Pass Registry” is a feature introduced in v12.4 that allows you to purchase a number of older stages that used to rotate in the Lost Relic. With the release of v15.0 all stages are available all the time and also provides an overview of which stages you have cleared.

Most of the basic utility cards in the game can be obtained here, so before heading to clear everything that comes after defeating Diablo in the 4th seal, you might want to stop here and farm some of the older and basic cards since many walkthroughs will refer to cards that can be obtained here, so keep it in mind if you ever get stuck by lacking tools.

The most recommended cards to max from here are:

1.6.2 Biweekly Bosses

Tower of Saviors features different game modes, one of the easiest events are the Biweekly Stages that rotate every week, letting you obtain powerful Boss Cards that can be raised by obtaining multiple copies and feeding them in groups of 5 or 10. Some of them exist as solution for new players to the lack of some Rare cards, and others are specifically designed to help certain Rare leaders.

Here is a brief summary of Biweekly series that are worth to train and you can collect from Biweekly stages:

Diva of the Stars:



Don’t miss Light and Dark YanXi stage, both divas can cancel the droprate of Heart Runestones, increasing the chance for combos or helping you against enemies that block Heart Runestones from being dissolved.

Haunted Objects:


Without a doubt, Birdcage is a must have member that helps to unlock your team attack, active skills, and heal on dire situations.

Death Riders:


Converters never hurt, especially against enemies that can cripple your recovery. Rider Bishop and Rider Knap are more popular because they provide different set of utility and an amazing team skill that boosts Demon teams stats.

The Transformed Maidens:


Another must have set of cards, they are designed to defeat enemies with shields that require high amount of hits before receiving damage. Be sure to place them on the 2nd slot of your team for optimal damage.

The Survivor of Oroz:


This series is quite diverse and on race and active skills, but for new players they bring more value than many common diamond seal members. Delta is highly prioritized because she can be paired with other Machina cards to trigger additional effects.


1.6.3 Ultimate Stage Boss

When you’re strong enough to be an Ultimate Stage conqueror, you can start farming Ultimate Stage Boss and get free member cards.

To become a veteran player, you must have a diversified inventory. Ultimate Stage is a very affordable way to obtain monsters since you’ll get a boss card every time you finish a battle. Here are some examples of useful Ultimate Stage boss card:



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