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Move RunestonesFull AttackActivate SkillsAttribute RelationLevel-up & Evolve

Monster Level-up

  Monsters could get Level-up when merging with other Monsters. Level-up will be stronger when absorbing Monsters of the same Attribute. Therefore, Summoners should fully utilize Monsters of the same Attribute to make Level-up more effective.

D009-1   D009-3

Level-up can enhance Monsters’ ability.

Skill Level-up

  The level of Active Skill will affect the number of Rounds in Battles. To initiate Active Skill more frequently, Summoners need to get Level-up on Monsters’ Skills. Besides participating in more Battles, merging Monsters with the same Active Skill (during Monster Level Up) can have a chance to gain more EXP and make Skill Level-up more effective.


D010-2   D010-3

Using monsters with same skill for Level Up can increase skill level.

Monster Evolution

  As Monsters Level max, specific Materials are required to Evolve. After Evolution, Monsters will adopt a different outlook but their Levels will return to basics while most of their levels of Ability will remain unchanged.

D011-1   D011-2

D011-3   D011-4

After evolution, some Monsters will have stronger Active and Leader Skills.